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The Canvas Art Factory

The Canvas Art FactoryThe Canvas Art FactoryThe Canvas Art Factory


Watercolour Shells Trio Art Set

from $111.00
WAS $185.00 SAVE $74.00

Grass and Dunes Perfect Pair

from $73.80
WAS $123.00 SAVE $49.20

Marble Haze Trio Art Set

from $111.00
WAS $185.00 SAVE $74.00

Touch of Bronze Perfect Pair

from $73.80
WAS $123.00 SAVE $49.20

Abstract Skyline Perfect Pair

from $73.80
WAS $123.00 SAVE $49.20

In the Flow Perfect Pair

from $73.80
WAS $123.00 SAVE $49.20

Ignite Abstract Perfect Pair

from $73.80
WAS $123.00 SAVE $49.20

Jungle Exotica Green Perfect Pair

from $37.20
WAS $124.00 SAVE $86.80

Cockatoos Trio Art Set

from $55.80
WAS $186.00 SAVE $130.20

Watercolour Birds on Branch Perfect Pairs

from $74.40
WAS $124.00 SAVE $49.60

Jungle Exotica Blue Perfect Pair

from $37.20
WAS $124.00 SAVE $86.80

Flair & Flounce Blue Abstract Perfect Pair

from $37.20
WAS $124.00 SAVE $86.80


Types Of Wall Art Prints

Acyrlic wall art example

Acrylic Glass

Acrylic glass wall art is quite trendy these days. If you’re looking for a piece to really pop out and grab attention, this glazed, thin material is a popular option as it they have the ability to emphasise light.

Canvas wall art example


Canvas wall art are some of the most common pieces of wall art out there. With that being said, you should consider the colours and feel of the piece before putting it onto your wall. Canvas’ are often a cost-effective way of filling your home with style.

Framed wall art example


Having framed wall art can give a room an extremely unique feel. It’s much more subtle than canvas art, however, it can still be the focal point of a room. Flowers and small animals are currently trendy subjects.

Canvas Art FAQ

1. Find how far apart the nail would be from the top of your wall art piece. Usually, you’ll put the nail on the frame or under a hanging wire. Write this distance down on a sheet of paper.

2. Take a marker, and mark a height of 1.5m plus whatever distance you wrote in the step above. This will make it so that the piece hangs at eye-level of most people.

3. Hang the piece by putting in 1-2 nails to support it.

4. Use a level or level app to make sure that the wall art is hung evenly. Move it from side to side until it is. 

View Our Full Guide on How to Hang Canvas on Wall.

1. Think about size—You don’t want an oversized piece of wall art in your bathroom, and your living room is probably better off with a few large pieces than a cluster of small ones.

2. Match colours—Think about the colours you use around the room, make sure that the wall art fits the colour scheme.

3. Style—In a minimalist room, don’t go for a renaissance-style painting for wall art. Make sure that the wall art you put fits the general feel you want out of the room.

4. Location—You don’t want to hang your wall art just anywhere. You want it to be visible, but not so visible that it would take attention away whenever you look in its direction

Need Wall Art Inspiration? Read Our How to Choose Wall Art Guide.

There’s a lot of sources you can get wall art from, ranging from local shops to Etsy, and retail giants like Amazon.

You’ll generally want to avoid massive retailers because they tend to sell cookie-cutter wall art. If you’re purchasing art, you want it to feel special, you don’t want to know that there are 20 people in your street with the same piece.

On the other hand, buying from smaller retailers and Etsy can ensure that you’re getting a more unique piece, and usually for a lower price as well!

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