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Window to Phuket

from $36.40
WAS $56.00 SAVE $19.60

We Grow and Die Together By Ben Heine

from $40.95
WAS $63.00 SAVE $22.05

Telephone By Ben Heine

from $40.95
WAS $63.00 SAVE $22.05

Summer Time By Ben Heine

from $40.95
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Once Upon a Time in Kenya 2 By Ben Heine

from $40.95
WAS $63.00 SAVE $22.05

Santorini By Ben Heine

from $40.95
WAS $63.00 SAVE $22.05

Santorini Patio By Ben Heine

from $40.95
WAS $63.00 SAVE $22.05

Once Upon a Time in Kenya By Ben Heine

from $40.95
WAS $63.00 SAVE $22.05

Australian Wall Art

Wall art is the finishing touch put on every quality piece of interior design. No home is complete without at least a bit of the flair brought by wall art. Ever since the earliest days of humanity people have been decorating their homes with all types of designs, from rustic cave paintings thousands of years ago to the highly stylized digital formats popularized by the rise of NFT's and cryptocurrency we know today; its application is varied and stands the test of time. 

So, what is wall art quintessentially? And why are we so intrigued by it?

Quite simply, wall art is a piece of art with cultural significance captured in visual form, representing artistic expression formed from unique styles and other subjective influences from a set period. It comes in a wide variety of different forms, from simple posters to intricate 3D shapes and in this article, we will explore all facets of wall art, including the different formats, how to hang it, where to buy it, and finally, which option is best for you when it comes to purchasing your next piece. 

The Main Types Of Wall Art

Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is quite trendy these days, with its ability to capture both a rustic, old-school feel and a more nuanced, new-age look. If you’re looking for a piece to really pop out and grab attention, this is one of the better kinds of wall art for it.

Canvas Wall Art

Canvas prints and paintings are some of the most common pieces of wall art out there. With that being said, you should consider the colours and feel of the piece before putting it onto your wall. Canvas’ are often a cost-effective way of filling your home with your favourite art!

Garden Wall Art

Garden art is gaining popularity in 2021. This is partly due to COVID, and in part, because wall art is slowly phasing itself out of being restricted by interior design. If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up the way your garden looks, some wall art might be the solution.

Framed Wall Art

Having a framed print on your wall can give a room an extremely unique feel. It’s much more subtle than canvas wall art, however, it can still be the focal point of a room. Flowers and small animals are currently trendy subjects of framed wall art.

Cheap Wall Art

It’s a common myth that wall art is something you have to break the bank on in order to look good. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially in the age of cheap prints and easy DIY projects.

DIY Wall Art

If you’d like a more original and self-made take on wall art, then doing it yourself is an option! This lets you stay cheap and be creative, with the only downside of it being the time investment.

Wood Wall Art

If you’d like a more original and self-made take on wall art, then doing it yourself is an option! This lets you stay cheap and be creative, with the only downside of it being the time investment.

3D Wall Art

Most wall art you’ll encounter will be 2D, so if you’d like to set yourself apart from the crowd, checking out 3D wall art might be a good idea. There’s a lot you can do with an extra dimension, get creative!

Wall Art Prints FAQ

Now that you are familiar with the types of wall art, and the different applications it can have in your home space, its time to explore the practical elements of it, including how you can make your own, where is the best place to buy it, and how to effectively use your available space to hang it.

Making wall art can be as difficult, or as easy as you want. What’s important is having a sense of style. You could go for a project as simple as framing a good-looking wallpaper, or as complex as creating your own 3D metal wall art piece. Click here to see our detailed guide on how to make wall art.

1. Find how far apart the nail would be from the top of your wall art piece. Usually, you’ll put the nail on the frame or under a hanging wire. Write this distance down on a sheet of paper.

2. Take a marker, and mark a height of 1.5m plus whatever distance you wrote in the step above. This will make it so that the piece hangs at eye-level of most people.

3. Hang the piece by putting in 1-2 nails to support it.

4. Use a level or level app to make sure that the wall art is hung evenly. Move it from side to side until it is. To read our detailed guide on the best way to hang wall art, click here.

1. Think about size—You don’t want an oversized piece of wall art in your bathroom, and your living room is probably better off with a few large pieces than a cluster of small ones.

2. Match colours—Think about the colours you use around the room, make sure that the wall art fits the colour scheme.

3. Style—In a minimalist room, don’t go for a renaissance-style painting for wall art. Make sure that the wall art you put fits the general feel you want out of the room.

4. Location—You don’t want to hang your wall art just anywhere. You want it to be visible, but not so visible that it would take attention away whenever you look in its directionCheck out our detailed blog here on how to choose wall art.

There’s a lot of sources you can get wall art from, ranging from local shops to Etsy, and retail giants like Amazon.

You’ll generally want to avoid massive retailers because they tend to sell cookie-cutter wall art. If you’re purchasing art, you want it to feel special, you don’t want to know that there are 20 people in your street with the same piece.

On the other hand, buying from smaller retailers and Etsy can ensure that you’re getting a more unique piece, and usually for a lower price as well! See tips on how to find best selling wall art here.


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