Romantic Wall Art for the Bedroom

Romance is the perfect theme and inspiration when designing your bedroom. Hanging up art that celebrates romance and reminds you of love can create a warm and inviting room. It also makes your bedroom emotionally open to you and your partner.

When selecting the ideal romantic art for your bedroom, it's vital to have the décor in mind. After all, you don’t want to have picked out wall art and realised it clashes with the rest of the room. In saying that, we’ve selected a handful of romantic wall art to choose from. We’ve split these pieces into three categories, helping you to choose romantic wall art inspired by nature, travel, and simply by couples. Here is our pick of the best romantic wall art perfectly suited for the bedroom.


Romance in Nature

There are many facets of nature that inspire romance. Whether it’s long walks through the park, picnics on the beach or weekend retreats with your love, there’s no shortage of inspiration. That’s why we at Canvas Art Factory have collected a couple of key wall art that reflects both nature and romance, a wonderful sight for the bedroom. 

Beach Sunset

Sunsets inspire beauty. But sunsets at the beach inspires romance. Sunsets are a wonderful sight when you see them on your own, but when you’re seeing them with someone you love, the sight is breathtaking. Wall art of beach sunsets makes for beautiful art in the bedroom as it inspires beauty, love, and romance. 

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The Heart Tree

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Romance and Travel

It’s not impossible to find love while you’re travelling, especially if it’s cities that inspire such things, like Paris, New York, and Rome. Romance and travel oftentimes go hand in hand. Newlyweds escape to romantic locations to spend their honeymoons, and couples take weekend trips or spend a couple of weeks where they can have quality time with one another. In celebration of all the romantic lovers, new and old, we’ve gathered together some locations you can bring home and hang in your bedroom, reminding you of your romantic getaways.

Lovers walking through a park

Lose yourself in love and a romantic walk in the park. In this wall art, two lovers walk hand in hand through the park. It’s a great example of black and white art with a splash of key colours, like the red of romance and the warm amber of the streetlights.

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Florals in Italy

Capture the romance in the bedroom by hanging up wall art that represents the city of romance: Rome. Thanks to its history, grand buildings, stunning fountains, endless cobblestone paths, Rome stands as one of the most romantic cities around the world. Visit the city with your loving partner and you can enjoy rich espressos, plates of pasta, and endless wine. All these ingredients are in the making of romance.

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Dawn on Venice

Like Rome, Venice inspires love. In fact, it has a reputation for romance. This city, filled with canals and ancient buildings, has all the elements for a romantic novel. Couples are known to take gondola rides through the canals, sipping on wine and enjoying the sights with someone by their sides. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants bursting with delicious menus to satisfy hungry couples. Then there are the priceless sights. Sunsets, St Mark’s Basilica, one of the hundreds of footbridges, offer a unique beauty to any traveller keen to explore The Floating City.

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Romantic Couples

When choosing romantic art for your bedroom, it’s important to consider art you and your partner will enjoy. After all, it’s the art you two will be privy to. From tender kisses to raw romantic moments, wall art of couples in love always inspires romance.

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss is the epitome of love and romance. Klimt intended to show tenderness and passion with the two lovers. The painting shows two lovers embracing in a tender kiss. Surrounding them are colourful flowers, and they are drenched in gold leafing, inspired by Byzantine mosaics. Beauty, love, endless flowers: this painting has all the making of romantic gestures.

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Naked Emotion

This wall art encompasses a raw moment that is secretive only to the two of you. The faces of the figures aren’t visible, allowing you to project yourself and your romantic partner onto the painting.

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