Wall Art From Around the World

At the Canvas Art Factory, we like to take you on a journey through beautiful wall art. Whether that’s standing before the colosseum in Rome or admiring the breathtaking ocean waves in northern Australia, our collection of pristine photographs and art pieces will carry you away to faraway lands and inspire you with curiosity and adventure.


Discover the beauty of Europe with our collection of art and sights from all across the continent.


The Grecian way of life is admired by one and all. From days lounging by the Mediterranean Sea to evenings spent devouring deliciously cooked cuisines, Greece lures us in with its simple beauty. One of the more popular tourist attractions in Greece is its capital city Athens. It's no wonder why, thanks to a history deeply rooted in ancient culture, Athens maintains monuments of the past, like the Acropolis. The beauty of this ancient city is truly unique and rare in the world.

Besides its history, Greece is better known for its picturesque islands. Tourists flock to Mykonos and Santorini to soak in the sun and sail across surrounding waters, hopping from one island to another in a single day. There’s much to see, and each island has its own unique style and design. While Santorini boasts those iconic white houses with blue rooftops and Kefalonia’s colourful houses contrast the pristine blue of the Mediterranean, every Greek island looks postcard-perfect and like an image straight out of a brochure. 

Every little detail in Greece looks like something out of a travel magazine. From the delicately designed cafes to the large pots of vases that spot staircases, and the rows upon rows of umbrellas that dot white sands and overlook turquoise waters, Greece is a sight of beauty. The cypress trees that adorn the islands are gorgeous as are the secret swimming spots few know to travel to. When it comes to picking out wall art for your home, there’s no gambling with images of Grecian islands as they are admired by one and all.


France is the country of art, romance, elegance, and delicious pastries. France attracts city lovers to its capital of Paris, while sight seekers sail down the French Riviera, and art lovers flock to the many museums that surround the Seine River. There are the picturesque countryside towns and villages, the blazing heat of the south which inspired Vincent van Gogh to paint his most astounding work. Dress up to the whole nine yards when you visit the gorgeous Palace of Versailles or enjoy the unique French gastronomy found in the country’s smaller towns. All in all, France has much and more to offer anyone seeking beauty.

One of the more iconic landmarks around the world is the Eiffel Tower. Tourists dine at restaurants surrounding the magnificent tower, enjoying gourmet meals at a leisurely pace and some of the world’s best wines. In the City of Lights, thousands flock to take their photo beside the iconic Eiffel Tower to such detriment that you can’t help but catch other tourists in these images. Bring sights of this iconic landmark into your home, tourist-free and all beauty.


Thanks to its rich history, insatiable cuisine, thrilling culture, and gorgeous art and fashion, Italy stands as one of the most visited countries around the world. Tourists, it seems, can’t get enough of this country placed perfectly in the Mediterranean. With views of pristine waters for those who prefer ocean-side holidays to the snowy Alps for avid skiers and bustling cities for those who can’t seem to get away from the city life, Italy has it all.

Speaking of tourist attractions, one of the most visited and out-of-the-way spots in Italy is the quaint quiet town of Cinque Terre. Made up of five coastal villages, the town’s name translates to ‘five lands’ and it’s famous for its hiking trails, picturesque sights, and the crystal-clear Italian Riviera the houses gaze into. Images of Cinque Terre are loved thanks to the bright and colourful pastel-hued houses that adorn the coast. The houses are nestled together in an explosion of colour, making images of Cinque Terre some of the most beautiful to adorn the home.

Say the word ‘Venice’ and one will conjure up images of pristine lagoons speckled with gondolas, endless plates of pasta, and amber lights adorning the over 400 bridges that connect the small islands. Venice is magical. Venice is a city of wonder, discovery, love. Venice is for the romantics, for the foodies, for the lovers of art. The city is inspiring in every way, and images of its waterways, unique architecture and iconic landmarks inspire beauty within us. It’s an immensely photogenic city and looks beautiful at any time of day, specifically so at the golden hour. Hang your own little piece of Venice in your home to inspire beauty and wonder.


There’s much to see across the Scandinavian countries as the region boasts striking landscapes, rich cultures, and traditions seemingly straight from the legends. The Scandinavian countries include Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. Being positioned in the north, close to the Arctic, these countries have not only gorgeous snowy scenes but sandy beaches and stunning fjords. In this region of the world, one can experience the unique aurora borealis (Northern Lights); enjoy Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and soak in the warm waters rich with minerals; see the many castles of Denmark; and go whale watching in the waters of Norway and Iceland.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers endless opportunities for travel attractions. It lures in tourists and adventurers from around the world to see Stonehenge in person, the Tower of London, the distinctive architecture of Bath, the priceless collection of antiquities in the British Museum. There are many more outstanding sights found in the countries of the United Kingdom, from the plaited kilts of the Scotland Highlands to the exclusive culture of the Welsh. One can experience the green pastures of the countryside or the charming towns of the Cotswolds.

The Americas

Exploring the world is a treat so few of us have the luxury of doing. While many of us have visited a country or two, travelling up and down the Americas allures to many adventurous travellers. Our collection of wall art encapsulates the alluring beauty of the Americas, from cities such as New York, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Santiago, to the coast of Uruguay, California, and the islands of the Caribbean, there is beauty in just about every inch of the Americas. One only has to know where to look to find it.

United States of America

The United States is so big that its terrain includes deserts, beachscapes, rugged mountains, bustling cities, and more. It’s an innovative and creative country, one whose culture has dominated much of the world. While many cities of the United States are well known and unique, there is none with quite the reputation of New York City.

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York City is a bustling cityscape filled with hidden gems and iconic landmarks. From dazzling shows on Broadway to the glittering lights of Times Square, New York’s attractive sights are in the dozens. It is a city made up of five boroughs, countless cultures and languages, and endless cuisine. One of the more visited parts of New York City is Central Park. In the winter, Central Park is magical thanks to the falling snow that blankets the walkways and trees; in the summer the Park is a much-needed respite from the heat bouncing off the concrete skyscrapers.


The Peruvian site of Machu Picchu is a piece of history protected by surrounding uncharted jungles and open seas. To reach this site isn’t an easy feat. It takes time and dedication. It takes patience and resilience. To those that have trekked as far as the jungles and reached this historic site, reaching Machu Picchu is a much-beloved adventure.



This monochrome artwork of the famous palm trees of Cocora Valley fits perfectly with any décor in the home. The Cocora Valley is best known for having some of the tallest palm trees in the world, standing tall in gorgeous green valleys that stretch out for ages. This is a region where you can find cows peacefully grazing the grass and colourful hummingbirds bursting through the air at avid speed.


Canada is the second-largest country in the world and has enough room for its big cities and even bigger landscapes. The Canadian countryside is the desired trip for many hikers around the world. It’s a rugged landscape, sometimes icy sometimes hot. Its mountains are majestic, its valleys are forested, with blue rivers and pristine lakes, it’s no wonder why Canada is an attraction to many who desire to adorn their home in the beauty of the world.


One of the most varied countries around the world is Australia. Its landscape is incomparable to those around the world, making it truly Australia. While Australia has dense green rainforests, dry red deserts, it’s the clear blue beaches that attract some of the best surfers from around the world. Of the many beaches that Australia has been graced with, Bondi Beach is a household name across the world. It’s one of the largest, cleanest beaches in Australia. It attracts locals and tourists eager to wrestle with the gorgeous waves that hit the shore and bathe on the golden sands.


The continent of Asia boasts mountain ranges, tropical islands, deserts, and more. It’s where one can find the Himalayas, the Valley of Flowers, Gokyo Cho Lake, and endless other picture-perfect sites.


The small island country of Japan has been much of an influence on the greater world. It’s a country with plenty of volcanos, mountains, and rich in culture. Some of its well-known sights are the city of Tokyo and Mount Fuji, which is represented in countless art by Hiroshige and Hokusai.


Thanks to its very hot climate, many tourists flock to Thailand’s tropical islands. White sands, beach shacks, palm trees, and turquoise seas are the typical sights of Thailand. Close to Phuket, the surrounding islands are a haven, scenic and stunning. They’re home to sleepy fishing villages, ardent backpackers, and destination tourists.


There are 54 countries in Africa, and each is as unique as the next. The continent is home to some of the most desired tourist attractions, such as the Savannah, Cape Town, Victoria Falls, and Mount Kilimanjaro. Some of these may even be on your bucket list.


Zanzibar, the tropical archipelago, is just off the coast of East Africa. While it is somewhat connected to Tanzania, the island of Zanzibar couldn’t be more autonomous in its politics, culture, religion, and food. The island can be blazing hot, and the two rainy seasons can be a welcome respite from the heat. Its cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arab, and African cooking.


Namibia is home to many parks and reserves, like Etosha National Park. It’s home to wildlife like elephants and lions, deserts and spots to camp for the night. The Quiver Tree Forest is highly sought after by hungry tourists eager to see the wonky-looking plants.