Now that we've hit a new year, you may be feeling motivated to up your wall décor game, and we say go for it! There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank wall in your home and knowing how great it could look, but not knowing where to start. Wall décor is a crucial and important step in decorating any home but is not always the easiest of tasks. Today we wanted to give you some great wall décor ideas and home décor ideas that will spice up your walls and get those creative juices flowing. Get inspired and go get yourself some beautiful wall art!


Add Pops of Colour

Cascading Colour

'Cascading Colour' & 'Lilac Dream' are a pair of artworks with great bold colours, and they complement each other without looking too similar!

A great way to spice up your home, especially if you have cream or white coloured walls is to add pops of colour. Over the years adding neutral tones was all the rage but recently there has been a huge surge in adding bold, colourful canvas prints to your walls.  
Adding bold colours adds personality to your home and brightens up the space, giving it more of a fun, playful kind of aesthetic. Why would you want to stare at boring old walls with bland coloured artwork when you could be showcasing beautiful, bright wall décor that will definitely catch everyone eyes. 
The best part about adding bright artwork to your home is that you only need to buy a few pieces. One colourful painting in your living room can dramatically change the dynamic and liven up the whole space.  


Mirrors Around the House

Mirrors are a cheap and easy way to accessorise your home. This wall décor idea will impress all your guests while keeping your home looking modern and chic. 

Mirrors reflect light, helping a smaller space or room feel much larger and brighter, opening up the space drastically. Hanging oversized mirrors over your fireplace or in the hallway is a great way to add dimension to an area of your home that is typically overlooked. 

Plus, having mirrors around your home will ensure you never leave the home with something stuck in your teeth or your hair looking crazy.


Keep It Simple

'City Under Siege'

The elegant simplicity of single coloured abstracts, like 'City Under Siege', make them a great feature piece on your walls!

Framing simple solid colours can be a great way to add colour to your home without spending a huge amount of money on fancy pieces. 

Adding a simple colour to a frame that matches your home décor is a great way to intertwine some colour that will complement your home without looking too stark.  


Use The Wall For Storage 

This one isn’t just a great wall décor idea but also a great way to store different items in your home. I am sure you’ve heard of the hat wall. This is basically where you hang up all your hats on the wall in one section, making a statement piece. Plus its super easy to just grab your favourite hat off the wall while you’re on the go.   


Go Big & Abstract

'In Denial'

'In Denial' bursts with colour and packs a punch on living room walls!

Large frames undoubtedly make a huge impact. You can’t walk into a home and not notice a huge piece of artwork hanging on the wall. Think big and abstract when it comes to your home décor. 

Large scale line drawings or big, basic colourful designs are very simple but effective. You can style them with any colour palette and furniture. The best part, you only need a few around your home in order to make an impact and brighten up your living space.   



There you have it, a few different interior design ideas to brighten and elevate your wall décor. We hope this piece has you inspired to really take a good look at your home and see where you could add some amazing artwork, and we'll be back next week with more on-trend ideas to take your living space to the next level