We're back, with more great wall and home décor ideas to spice up your walls and get those creative juices flowing. Get inspired and find the perfect piece to liven up your walls!


Be Bold

For an eye-catching bedroom or bathroom why not opt for one large piece of artwork. Hanging a large frame with a bold piece of art, like a vintage poster or a piece of pop art will instantly fill up the space.

Adding a sleek acrylic print to a room like your bathroom will add personality to this space and make it feel more inviting for any guests you have over.

'Colliding Blocks' has solid blocks of bright colour, and packs a punch on any wall!


Add Textured Pieces

You remember those macramé wall hangings that were all the rage in the 70’s, well they have made their way back into the home décor scene. The different styles of weaving add texture and can easily warm up plain, bland walls.

The best part about macramé wall hangings is they are incredibly inexpensive, and you can even make a hobby out of it, creating some of your own. Alternatively, you can find an abundance of cute wall hangings on Etsy while also supporting a small business. Double win.


Colour Blocks

Similarly, to adding pops of colour to your home, colour blocking is a great way to catch someone’s eye and brighten up your living space with canvas prints.

Colour blocking involves adding different vibrant colours all in one area of your home. Pick a wall that needs a bit of love and try adding different, bold coloured artwork all in one spot. Think about whether you want to go with bright, bold colour abstracts, or even black and white!

This will create a huge focal point in your home and really liven up your space.

'Creative Flair' and 'Creative Flounce' look great together, and their broad colour spectrum means they can emphasise any colour in your room!

Display Something Eye-catching Or Surprising

Now this home décor idea is not for everyone but if you’re trying to make a statement then displaying wall décor that is surprising and eye catching is the way to go.

A striking piece of art or metal object as a focal point is a great way to start conversation and have visitors in awe. Displaying eye catching items in your home has become more and more common in the 21st century and helps add personality and uniqueness to your home.


Try Different Shapes

When decorating our home, majority of people tend to stick to square paintings, but why not try out different shapes?

Panoramic and round pieces of artwork can look great on your walls and add a more personal, unique touch. It shows you really thought about the space and how you can optimism your interior design.

 Round acrylic prints like 'Rich Lava Flow' is a contemporary twist on conventional wall art.

There you have it, some more ideas to lift your interior design game! We hope this piece has you inspired to really take a good look at your home and see where you could add some amazing artwork, and we'll be back next week with more on-trend ideas to take your living space to the next level!