Yellow car in Grey Background Art - Featuring Pantone 2021 colour of the year

Every design enthusiast knows that the annual Pantone's Colour of the Year affects the next big trends in fashion, beauty, and home interior. This year, however, the global design institute broke its long-time tradition by picking two diverse colours: Ultimate Grey, a cool neutral shade, and Illuminating, a bright sunny yellow. 


While this colour combo might look intimidating, there are ways to make it work for your home. Try one of these design tips to help you decorate your space using Pantone's 2021 Colours of the Year. 

Play with Colours in Moderation

We know how exciting it is to play with new colours for your home. But too much of anything can only ruin your beautiful interior. 

Instead of covering your entire space with grey or yellow, why not use these colours first on your pillows, blankets, and wall art? This is a great way to experiment with new colours in canvas prints without having to go all-in with your furniture and walls. 

Since colour trends change every year, you don't want to commit to an entire colour scheme that isn't exactly your preference. Start with small colour updates and see how they go with your space. If you end up liking them, consider getting more substantial changes using these grey and yellow shades. 

In Your Kitchen
Grey shades are some of the best neutral colours to decorate your space. Since they go well with everything, you can easily mix and match them with a wide range of hues. 

Try brushing Ultimate Grey on your kitchen cabinets for a more timeless look. You can also add in some yellow accents by redesigning your small kitchen accessories. 

In Your Bathroom
Bathrooms are the easiest ways to play with Ultimate Grey since most of them are neutral by design. To start with, install a removable grey wallpaper that's a few shades darker to allow yellow accents to pop. Then use yellow-toned accessories like towels, and soap dispensers to add texture to your bathroom.

In Your Bedroom 

Since bedrooms are intended for rest, using a soothing shade like grey adds a relaxing tone to your room. Add this soft neutral shade to your walls and bedding for a more calming effect. You can also mix in a few yellow accents such as new wall art to add a vibrant texture to your bedroom. 

If you prefer a different colour for your walls, use both shades for your bedroom accessories such as curtains, pillows, and chairs. You can also incorporate mirror and metallic tones since they go well with most grey shades. 


Using Wall Art 

The safest way to play with new colours in your home is through wall art. Not only can they make any room look more interesting, but they can also showcase any colour with such class and finesse. 

While there is a wide range of art styles in canvas prints to choose from, watercolour and photography are the best ways to incorporate Pantone's 2021 Colours of the Year. Both pieces work well in all types of interior, be it traditional or contemporary living spaces.

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