Australia is the largest island country on the planet. It spans over a 60,000km long coastline that is alluring as it is all-encompassing. Australia boasts various climates, from the icy chill in the south to the blistering dry heat of the deserts in the centre, and the coast surrounds all of it.  

The Australian coast has drawn in travellers from all across the globe as well as thrift seekers from around the country. Whether you’re looking for the white sands of the Whitsundays or the tumultuous coastline of Tasmania, there’s something for everyone.

“Fill your life with adventure, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.” – Unknown

If you’re recently ventured around the country in a 4-wheel drive or are looking for art to inspire your next trip, we’ve picked out the very best of coastal art from around Australia. Our collection of coastal canvas art is a perfect addition to your home or office space, with the open seas and unique coastal lines sure to inspire you with more than just wanderlust.



Victoria is the state found southernmost part of the mainland of Australia and boasts some of the best coastal sights around the country. Despite the chilly weather that grips the state for the best part of a year, these beaches and coastal sights attract millions of visitors each year.  

St Kilda

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St Kilda is Melbourne’s most popular city beach. It’s located close to Luna Park and Acland Street, where you can dine at some of the best restaurants in the city, grab delicious gelato, cake, and coffee. St Kilda beach is accessible via a short tram ride and, as you ride into town, you will most likely spot rollerbladers, skateboarders, and joggers up and down the esplanade.


Brighton Beach

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Brighton Beach is best known for the quaint, colourful beach houses that run up and down the golden sands. There are 82 colourful beach houses whose structure has mostly gone unchanged since they were built a century ago. At most, they’ve received a new coat of paint. While the Brighton coast is easily recognised for these colourful bathing boxes, it’s also known for its beautiful waters and activities like flying kites.  


Mornington Peninsula

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The Mornington Peninsula has some of the best coastal spots in Victoria, and you don’t have to travel that far from the city to find them. If you find St Kilda or Port Melbourne too popular, head on over to Sorrento.


Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road

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Port Campbell is situated on the Great Ocean Road. Overlooking the southern coast are the Gibson steps. On these steps, your view will include the gorgeous coast in the southern part of the mainland of Australia. You’ll also catch sight of the Twelve Apostles.  


Bells Beach

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Bells Beach is the top location for the world’s best surfers to come down and compete in the Rich Curl Pro. Bells Beach is a 90-minute drive from Melbourne City and near another popular coastal destination, Torquay.


Port Melbourne

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Another Melbourne city coastal destination is Port Melbourne. In this canvas art, we see Kerferd Pier looking out on the vast coastline of Victoria.


Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road


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The Twelve Apostles are formed by erosion that’s taken place for over a million years. It’s a sight that has attracted over a million visitors annually.



Find some of the most iconic coastlines around Australia in Queensland. From views all the way in Cairns to the Gold Coast in the south of the state and the Great Barrier Reef, we’ve selected the best coastal art the state offers.

Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast


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Twenty minutes south of Noosa, you will find the quiet coastal town of Coolum. It’s a relaxed beachside destination that’s popular with families and couples.


Fraser Island

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Fraser Island is a unique sight. For one thing, it’s the largest sand island in the world and for another, a dense tropical rainforest grows on the sand, the only known place to do so. With these two features combined with the striking blue waters and the giant sand dunes, it’s no wonder why Fraser Island is called K’gari (paradise) to the local Butchulla people.



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Found in the Whitsundays, Whitehaven beach is a stunning sight and well-known for its impossibly white sand and clear turquoise water.  


Noosa, Sunshine Coast

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Two hours north of Brisbane is Noosa, located in a gorgeous spot in Queensland rightly called the Sunshine Coast. Noosa is a small town with an impeccable coastline. Its calm waters and rainforest hike attract families and hikers alike.


Palm Cove

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For those unwilling to trek through the north of Queensland, here’s a coastal art of Palm Cove that will have you second-guessing your decisions. Palm Cove is about 30 minutes north of Cairns, this small town has attractions that will impress city dwellers, like beachfront resorts and a pristine coastline to explore via kayak.



At the very bottom of Australia is the small island of Tasmania. Despite being rather close to Antarctica, it shouldn't be surprising that Tasmania has beautiful and wild beaches. 

Coles Bay

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The Australian coastline runs vast and is full of unique gems and surprises, like Tasmania’s Coles Bay. This seaside village is surrounded by pink granite mountains that overlook the crystal-clear waters of Oyster Bay. The crisp, clear waters of Coles Bay make for some of the best coastal photography around.


New South Wales

New South Wales alone has around 892 recorded beaches. Its coastline stretches about 1590km, and its beaches vary in shape, size, and beauty.

Flagstaff Lookout, Port Macquarie

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A former convict settlement, Port Macquarie is situated on New South Wales’s mid-north coast. Port Macquarie is known for being the bodyboarding capital of Australia, and with around 12,000 beaches around the country, it’s a lofty title to hold.




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Out of all the 12,00 beaches that Australia boasts, Bondi Beach is perhaps the best known for people living outside of Australia. Bondi Beach is more than just an ideal location to swim, it’s a cultural landmark. The coastline is an attraction for beach bums across Australia and around the world.


Botany Bay

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This is one coastline you may have heard as being part of Australian history, Botany Bay was the site of James Cook’s first landing. The Botany Bay coastline has plenty of swimming spots for tourists, such as Brighton Le Sands Baths and Monterey Baths.


Bronte, NSW

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Located seven kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, Bronte is a trendy beachside location. Bronte beach is smaller than Bondi Beach located in the north, making it a favourite with locals. The golden sands and surf-quality waves of Bronte Beach make for some of the best coastal art around.



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One of Australia’s iconic surfing locations is Narrabeen Beach. The coastline here is long and wide, making it a hit not only with surfers but with swimmers too.



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Found eight-kilometre southeast of the Sydney CBD, Coogee has long been a popular beachside spot and is constantly buzzing with life.


Watsons Bay

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Exquisite yachts, stand up paddleboarding, and beachgoers basking under the sun is a common sight in the cove of Watsons Bay. If this is the type of beach style you enjoy, minus the surf, then our canvas art of the Watsons Bay coast is sure to impress you.


Emerald Beach

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Quieter than some of the other beaches in New South Wales, Emerald Bay is no less an enticing coastal destination. Besides being a safe swimming spot, surfers can hit the coast too.


Western Australia

Australia largest state, Western Australia, has a coastline unique to the west coast. From the aquamarine waters in the south to the white sands spotted with camels in the north, here is our pick of coastlines across Western Australia.

Rottnest Island

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Leave the car at home and properly enjoy the tranquil setting of Rottnest Island. Known as Rotto to the locals, the island is twelve miles off the coast of Perth and can easily be reached via ferry. The coastline boasts an abundance of flora and fauna and is accompanied by furry and adorable quokkas. Rottnest Island is a beach-lover’s paradise and the 63 beaches and 20 bays the island claims are sure to inspire.


Alkimos Beach

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Perth has many hidden gems scattered throughout the area and you can count Alkimos Beach as one. This newly developed coastal suburb will draw crowds located in the CBD some forty kilometres away. The coastline is made up of white sandy beaches, large grassy spaces, and sandy beaches. The area is quiet and rarely crowded, mimicking the quiet waters. Waves hardly raise over a metre thanks to the nearness of the reef.



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The Esperance coast is made up of intensely white sand, tranquil turquoise waters, and plenty of kangaroos who enjoy basking under the sunshine as much as visitors to the area do. Esperance is about a day’s drive away from Perth, the capital city of Western Australia.


South Australia

South Australia has a stretch of coastline that boasts beautiful seaside spots. Its beaches compete with the better-known beaches of Sydney and the Sunshine Coast.


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Adelaide’s most popular beach is Glenelg Beach. Popular not only for the beautiful water and golden sands, but Glenelg also contains shaded picnic areas, charming hotels, and brightly coloured cafes and shops.