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The freedom to design and decorate your own home is both liberating and intimidating. More often than not, your enthusiasm to shape your living spaces according to your vision will supersede your actual experience.

This will result in mistakes that, while seemingly harmless, can have a negative impact on the time and money you’ll be investing in your interior design efforts.

In this post, we share the five common interior design mistakes that you should avoid.

1.    Not Defining Your Need and Wants

As early as the “conception” stage of your interior design endeavour, you must set boundaries on what the room wants and needs. The distinction between the two depends on each person and is not really clear-cut, but it’s important that you define these so that you don’t unintentionally go overboard when designing your room.

Clutter, after all, can turn an otherwise beautifully designed space into a heaping mess.

It’s always a good idea to put things on a list to help you decide what you need versus just the things you want. From that list, you can already define what are the practical and necessary additions to your room.

What’s the benefit of listing down your needs versus wants? Not only do you stay on track with your plans, but you also avoid exceeding your budget. Defining the necessary means you don’t go overboard with your budget on spur-of-the-moment decisions.

2.    Cluttering the Wall

The walls in your room are easily the most versatile part of the entire space. It’s also one of the most cluttered areas as many go completely overboard decorating it. Since the walls are one of the first things you’ll see when you enter a room, a cluttered first impression will last a long time.

When you’re decorating the walls of your room, make sure to use things sparingly. You can never go wrong with hanging wall art or paintings; just don’t fill in every part of the wall until you don’t see it anymore!

If you want to make the walls of your room stand out without cluttering it, you can simply pick a decorative element that will serve as the focal point of the room. Think of it as the main “theme” of the room which will define its entirety.

Paintings, photography prints, and wall art are the most commonly used focal points for any room. Not only do you have the freedom to choose what’s the overall theme of your room, but they are also easy to install. We recommend canvas wall art as unlike your standard framed picture of a photograph, they have a three-dimensional aspect, which means they pop up from the wall instead of lying flat and static on it.

3.    Forgetting the Flow

A well-designed house has a flow to it, and you can best describe it as the ease with which you move from room to room or within the individual spaces. Establishing the proper flow is tricky but it is something and needs some proper planning to avoid making your home feel uncomfortable.

The simplest way to go about this is by incorporating the elements that “make sense”. For example, it makes sense to put a coat hook near your front door so that you can hang your jacket or coat as soon as you enter your home.  Similarly, you don’t want to place a huge obstruction in a room close to a door or window as it’s going to be inconvenient moving through that part.

4.    Lack of Storage Space

Whether it’s a bedroom, hallway or the kitchen, storage space is necessary and should never be the last thing you add to your room. Establishing a place where you can put away things when not in use helps prevent the room from becoming a cluttered mess once you’re all settled in.

5.     Clashing Décor

Finally, there’s the common problem of clashing décor which occurs when decorative elements don’t really work with one another. A contrast between a modern piece of furniture and a more traditional canvas prints is okay, but it becomes a problem when each decorative element and set piece starts to clash with one another.

You can avoid making your room a hodgepodge of different art movements simply by sticking to one or two “themes”. High contrast between modern art pieces and more traditional-looking furniture is nice; just don’t go overboard with it.

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