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Whether you’re adding wall art to serve as a focal point in your room or to enhance its existing décor, paintings and photo prints are an excellent way to add and improve the atmosphere in your living space.

Choosing the perfect artwork to display is very challenging, but the real test of your interior decorating skill is how you arrange and displaying it perfectly in your room. There are many ways to do this but the central point of the space isn’t always at the literal centre of the room.

There are many ways to display and arrange your new decorative piece, and it’s not always on the wall. In this post, The Canvas Art Factory shares five creative ways to feature your new art piece in your home.

Display Your Wall Art on Floating Shelves

Picture ledges and floating shelves are a great alternative way to feature wall art in your home. Apart from creatively displaying art and adding some texture to the wall, it allows you to feature two or more pieces of artwork without it looking cluttered.

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These ledges give your photo prints and paintings an extra outline and definition that make them look tighter and closer to one another instead of appearing strewn about and untidy on the wall. Since your wall art essentially leans on the wall supported by the ledge, it’s easier to redo your picture arrangements. This decorating strategy is great for apartments and home offices where wall space is limited and is easy to get cluttered with too much detail. Floating shelves and picture ledges are also easy to install, affordable, and come in a variety of styles to suit your artwork.

Use a Metal Wall Grid Panel

Metal wall grids have grown in popularity as a contemporary décor that boasts an industrial look and feel. They make perfect additions to kitchens and home offices as they fill up the empty walls without making everything look cluttered.

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These mesh grid panels come in a range of sizes and colours to choose from and are multi-function so you can use them for more than just displaying your new wall art. They can be used to hang your kitchen utensils, display small decorations, or store your office paraphernalia. You aren’t limited to displaying your canvas or framed wall art, too. You can simply pin your unstretched photo or art prints on the mesh grid!

Display Your Art in a Bookcase

Do you have an old bookcase that you don’t know what to do with? Instead of storing it away, use it to feature your new wall art! Like floating shelves, your wall art will lean on the wall supported by the structure. Depending on the size of your bookcase, you can solo feature your wall art or display more than two for each shelf.

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Since you’ll be using something that gives the wall some definition and depth, you can display another decoration with your new wall art without the risk of clutter. This method is perfect for any room with restricted wall space and is also an effective way to maximize storage space for apartment units.

Display on Inside Corner Walls

The corner of the room isn’t exactly the first place you’ll think to display your art, but it’s a good alternative if the room’s existing focal point is already occupied. The effect on your space is also a bit different; instead of drawing your vision to the existing focal point of the room, your attention is drawn to the corner – turning it into the new focal point. 

A selection of artworks create a new focal point - in a place you wouldn't expect!
Source: DesignClaud

The great thing about arranging your artwork like this is that you can display prints of different sizes. You have more creative freedom to arrange each portrait and photo print how you want so long as you balance out the artwork on the free wall space.

Asymmetrical Art Arrangement

You aren’t limited to displaying your new wall art at the very centre of the wall. An asymmetrical layout is another option and it gives your wall art a more dynamic appeal that never gets old to look at.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to arrange your wall art like this, and the asymmetry can be the result of different frame sizes or just by the arrangement. Use the existing décor and the shape of the room as a guide when displaying your art.

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