5 Ideas for Creating Stunning Abstract Bedroom Wall Art

5 Ideas for Creating Stunning Abstract Bedroom Wall Art

Despite remaining a somewhat alien and intimidating concert for many, abstract art has enjoyed a phenomenal rise in popularity over recent years. Wall art and canvas print Australia have become key features for interior design styling throughout the modern home but can be particularly useful in the bedroom. While introducing bedroom wall art for the first time can be daunting, the following five ideas should lead you to greatness.

Choose bedroom wall art that encourages sleep

While abstract art is often focused on big and bold patterns that grab the attention with a distinctive ‘wow factor’, bedroom wall art should be a little different. While wall art prints and other forms of abstract art should still set the atmosphere of the room, the vibe you’ll want to create is vastly different to other living spaces.

The average person is supposed to sleep for 7-9 hours per night. So, rather than injecting lively energy into the room, you should want to establish a relaxed and calming vibe. Abstract art depicting clouds (as shown above) or waves can work well. Water blocks and other artwork that moves through a palette of calming blues and whites can help drift off for a better 40 winks. The main function of the room focuses around sleep. Do not forget it.

Build a feature wall

Wall art doesn’t have to be one large singular piece. In many cases, especially with abstract art, you can make a far more powerful statement with multiple pieces of varying sizes. With the right canvas prints Australia, it is possible to experiment with a feature wall that will truly stand your bedroom out from the crowd. One wall can transform the entire atmosphere.

The wonderful thing about abstract art is that individual pieces do not have to come from the same collection to create the desired overall aesthetic. A flair and Florence design, for example, can be partnered with a variety of unrelated but pink abstract art designs. When working with a single room, you must also try to have fun by trying out different layouts and placements for each piece. Repositioning them could make all the difference.

Match wall art prints to accentuating colours

Colour schemes are a key ingredient in the recipe for finding the right abstract art for your room. Placing red on red, for example, may feel a little overwhelming for the bedroom arena. A far better option is to align your artwork choices with the accentuating colours provided by wardrobe hardware, plants, and other bedroom decor features.

If you are creating bedroom wall art as part of a bedroom renovation, it is possible to take the modern vibes to an even greater level by focusing on the Colours of the Year. A feature wall or baseboard painted in one of the appropriate colours can guide your abstract art selections. Whether it’s bold paint strokes or abstract depictions of people, animals, or landscapes doesn’t matter. The emotional response of a set colour scheme is truly powerful.

Appreciate the dimensions of your bedroom

Size matters when you’re in the bedroom. Sadly, even beautiful bedroom wall art will create an undesired aesthetic if the chosen prints and pieces do not work with the space. Bedrooms can often feel tight, especially if you have a large bed or lots of wardrobe storage. Long vertical canvas art may be an ideal choice, redefining the room in a practical way.

Working with alcoves or other potentially difficult spaces will give the room a more polished and organised vibe. You may also find that circular canvases, framed prints, and other unique materials are welcome additions. Wall art can extend to tapestry textures, hanging plates, tufted wall art, and more. When you don’t have the space for lots of wall art, patterned wallpaper can provide the perfect backdrop that brings a handful of items to life.

Don’t overcomplicate it

Finally, if you are using wall art prints and other abstract art for the first time, it’s OK to dip your toes into the water rather than diving straight in. Abstract art doesn’t have to be in-your-face or mind-bending, it just has to be engaging and intriguing. Idyllic beaches, rain lines, and clear imagery like the ancient town pictured above are all good examples.

It could be a simple block pattern piece of artwork that brings some added personality to the room without distracting you from the pursuit of improved sleep. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect bedroom wall art for your needs, contact our experts in canvas prints Australia for further advice. Our friendly professionals can help discuss the latest trends along with your tastes to find the best artwork for you.