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Whether moving to a new apartment or sprucing up your old one, you are limited to what you can decorate. Apart from window treatments and a change in lighting fixtures, there’s not much you can tweak or change in your allocated space. Or is there?

What most apartment dwellers don’t know is that you can completely revitalize how your apartment looks by taking decorating the walls with art. While many consider wall art as an afterthought in interior design, the right piece can provide for the entire room and essentially personalize your space.

In this post, we share five ways that wall art can add instant glamour and décor to your apartment.

1.    Wall Art and Colour Palette

Most homeowners give up on interior design when they find out that they need to establish a colour palette for their rooms. It’s understandable considering it’s not that easy to find a colour scheme that fits your new space and your personality.

It’s especially true in apartment spaces where the shape of the room often dictates what colours you can use and is thus very limiting for those just trying their hand on interior design. This is where wall art comes to the rescue. Your choice of canvas wall art can help you decide on the colour scheme of your apartment space.

How you go about it is quite simple. All you need to do is pick the dominant colour from your wall art along with two or three shades that will serve as the colour accents for your room. You can then fill your apartment space with furniture and other decorative elements with the same dominant colour as your wall art canvas prints and use the accents as a tone for the walls.

2.    A Textural Look

One of the advantages of using canvas wall art as a decorative element or focal point for your apartment space is that it has a three-dimensional look to it. Unlike paintings that lie flat on the wall, canvas art pops out from it.

This three-dimensional quality will give the wall a sense of texture and adds some visual weight to your space. Fleshing out your apartment with strategically placed wall art also establishes an atmosphere and tone to it and will give the room character that’s a reflection of your own.

3.    Wall Art and Room Focal Points

Focal points are a basic principle in interior design. It’s the central element of the room that catches your eye and serves as its defining characteristic. All rooms have focal points and they can be existing structures such as fireplaces for living rooms or additions such as television sets and furniture.

Since you’re slightly limited on what you can add to your apartment space, wall art can serve as its primary focal point. There isn’t any complex strategy to using them, too; all you need to do is find the centre of the room and hang your chosen piece of art!

4.    Wall Art and Lighting

The right wall art can affect the existing lighting in your apartment space. Canvas art that has a predominantly light colour scheme will help brighten the room whereas art that has a darker palette can correct lighting that feels too overbearing by dimming out space around it.

Keep in mind that you still need to be mindful of the play of colours used in your chosen wall art. Whether it has a lighter or darker colour scheme, it needs to fit the overall colouration of the room so that you don’t overboard with the contrast.

5.    Wall Art and Empty Spaces

Empty walls aren’t beneficial to an apartment space. Not only do white blank walls distract the eye and look bland, but they also make the room feel devoid of atmosphere and unfinished. Leaving large patches of wall devoid of any decorative element will make your space look less like an apartment and more like a warehouse.

Fortunately, you can use canvas wall art to finish your room. You’ll be surprised how “complete” your new room will look when you fill out the empty walls with canvas art. Think of them as finishing touches and flairs that will enhance your living experience when you spend time in your apartment.

There is a plethora of art styles to choose from when it comes to canvas wall art, and you aren’t limited to the usual fine art as well. You can set up a canvas print of a photograph to breathe life to your apartment!

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