Be Inspired by Woodland Retreats

Be inspired by woodland retreats

Cosy cottages and fireplaces, colour rugs spread across floorboards – when we think woodland retreats, this is generally the image that conjures up in our minds. Woodlands are dense areas, filled with beautiful trees and unique flora and fauna that inhabit these locations. Woodlands and forests are symbolic of growth and strength and are a strong symbol of life. 

“There is a serene and settled majesty to woodland scenery that enters into the soul and delights and elevates it, and fills it with noble inclinations.” – Washington Irving 

Trees and woods inspire exploration as well as mystery and danger, making the woods an enticing location for many of us. The woods are the setting for many stories, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Little do you know that you can create these enticing woodland feelings in the home. With the right wall art and colour palette, you can transform your décor into this enticing location. 

Bring the beauty and serenity of the woods into your living room, bedroom, and through the wider home. We’ve put together a list of compelling canvas art to achieve this feeling in your home.


Key Moments

Woodland wall art

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Bring together a group of photographs inspired by the woods to fill your focus wall. Selecting one or two canvas pieces of art will bring the image of the woods into the house, but by grouping a number of smaller images that take on different aspects of the woods, you’re bringing the essence of the woodlands into your home.


Ivan Shishkin

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If you’re looking for something that isn’t photography to hang up, don’t miss out on our artists collection. Feature artworks by famous artists, such as Ivan Shishkin into your home.


Cosy living room wall art

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A horizontal canvas art of the woods can really show an immense forest.


Colour Palette

Warm home living wall art

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Dense greenery and rich browns are the dominant colours on the woodland colour palette.


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Details of leaves and plants bring so much into the home, especially to the colour palette. With the wall art focusing on one colour, in this case, a rich and vibrant green, it can illuminate the décor.