Black and White Modern Art

Black and White Modern Art

Black and white art embodies a sleek and stylish aesthetic. Within the Canvas Art Factory collection there are many black and white modern art pieces.

Black and white has been popular with many artists over the years and remains popular with modern artists. Many photographers choose black and white prints over colour as it offers the work something different, something new. In interior design, black and white often evoke minimalist living, sleek and classic designs. Black and white modern art has a wide range of possible interpretations and is a favourite among designers, artists, and anyone looking to revamp their home. Let’s take a look at some examples of black and white modern art.

Highland Cow

Highland Cow 

Artists and photographers have enthusiastically captured animals in their natural habitat. By employing this holistic perspective, these artists successfully bring the animal in its natural form into your living space, as well as a piece of nature to enjoy. One of the most seamlessly photogenic animals is the Scottish Highland cow.

Photographers have been drawn to this rugged animal for decades, and it’s no wonder. Captured in black and white, the Highland cow has much and more to offer, from his large snout to the shag of hair that protects it from Scotland’s harshest winters.

Body Forms

Nude Silhouette Arched 

More and more interior designers are looking to natural forms to decorate homes. One example is the natural form of the human body represented in simple strokes of the brush. These pictures restrict detail and maintain the essence of the body.

Silhouettes traditionally marked the profile of the person, and classic examples of the silhouette would be this profile filled in with black. Modern art has taken to represent a person’s form with simple lines for a minimal design. Silhouettes of sensual forms make for a beautiful and modern finish to any home.

Central Park Dawn in Snow

Central Park Dawn in Snow Wall Art 

Black and white photographs of iconic travel destinations can achieve a timeless and dramatic look for your interior. Black and white can bring out all the finer details of an image, from the vastness of the Melbourne skyline to the great expanse of Manhattan. In our canvas art piece showing Lijang River in the morning, the landscape is captured in an alluring black and white print, with the mist of the morning hanging above the pictured rowers.

In this piece, Central Park takes on a whole new look. The ground has been covered in snow, and the benches are dusted in snow. Above the white ground stand trees with bare branches that twist through the sky. This canvas art is a refreshing look at an iconic site. 


Acanthus Mollis Flowers 

Flowers and floral arranagements have long been associated with elegance, beauty, and timelessness. And for just as long, flowers have been experienced in colour. Modern artists have recently been photographing flowers in minimal settings and contrasting shades of black and white. Without the distracting elements of colour, what’s left behind is the beauty of the form, the patterns of the petals, the curves in the stem.

From Magnolia blossoms to sensual roses, our collection of black and white art is ample enough to decorate your home. Experiment with the gallery wall trend by taking a few of these designs and mix and match them on your wall. You’ll be surprised with the outcome, which is a blend of something new, trendy, and classic.


Winter Boardwalk 

Black and white landscape art is refreshing. For one thing, the absence of colour brings out the natural textures, forms, and shapes of the world around us. For another, it has us experiencing the landscape in a unique way. More and more modern photographers are capturing the landscape in monochrome. Perhaps they’re taking note from some of the great landscape photographers like Ansel Adams. After a long career of photographing the great American landscape, Adams wrote in 1967 that "I can get—for me—a far greater sense of ‘colour' through a well-planned and executed black-and-white image than I have ever achieved with colour photography."

In this piece, we see that a lonely tree has been snowed on. It stands to the side of an open landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. This is an example of minimalist black and white modern art. it’s suitable for anyone wishing to decorate their interior in this fashion.