Beach Prints Across Different Wall Art Movements

Beach Prints Across Different Wall Art Movements

We’re now more aware than ever of the healing power of the beach. In fact, there are hours upon hours of videos filled with beach sounds perfect for sleeping. Mindfulness teacher Mark Coleman has said, “One of the reasons we love the seaside is that so many things invite us into the present moment: the sound of waves crashing on the shore, the flight of seagulls, the moist, salty air and the feel of sand between our toes.” A piece of the ocean in your home can act as a respite from the chaos of the day and bring you to the serenity of the present moment. Let these images stir up these enjoyable feelings.

Beach prints shouldn’t be reserved for the beach house. As they say, “There’s no place like home except for the beach” so why not embrace the wall art in your home or office for that added element of freshness. Whether it’s a fine art painting, retro poster, or modern photograph, beach wall art makes a great addition to any home. 


Beach abstract style

Timeless - View it in more detail here

Beach abstract art is calming, serene, and brings a touch of bliss into the home. This abstract beach canvas art soothes the mind thanks to the strip of soft yellow and wash of blue. It evokes the ever-changing nature of the beach. No other style can best capture the changing beach landscape like abstract can.


 Modern beach style

Umbrellas from Above By Ina Dabi - View it in more detail here

Modern art captures the beach in a beautiful way, calling on the lack of disruption influenced by minimalism. ‘Umbrellas from Above’, photographed by Ina Dabi, is a modern style embodies at the beach, showing a single long row of blue and white beach umbrellas. As beachgoers take cover under the heat of the sun, the crystal-clear blue waves roll in and out in harmony.


Beach watercolour style

Watercolour Ocean - View it in more detail here

Watercolour painting is soft, gentle, and delicate. It’s sometimes perfect when depicting the beach. There are no harsh lines in watercolour painting, just like there are no harsh lines at the beach. It is perhaps the perfect medium to capture the fluidity of the ocean and allows us to melt into it when we view it.

One of the beach pieces from the Canvas Art Factory collection is 'Watercolour Ocean', a painting serenely depicting an ocean day. The soft blues and yellow show a beautiful, peaceful day, despite the sky filled with cotton white clouds. The various shades of blues give the ocean depth. A lighter, turquoise blue with a streak of white acting as a fringe, makes it appear as though waves are gently pulling in and out to meet the sandy beach. In the distance are boats. They’re so tiny that they can be overlooked. But they float there, showing life at the beach.

Black and White

Black and white beach style

The Surf Woodie - View it in more detail here

Black and white is a style of beach art that creates a timeless and dramatic aesthetic. Photographers have enthusiastically captured the beach in all its elements, capturing all its burst of colours, and black and white are but another avenue to express their creativity. ‘The Surf Woodie’ will have you desperately wanting to pack up and hit the surf, and who can blame you.


Vintage beach style

Queenslander Yellow Sands - View it in more detail here

We’re thrown back in time with this vintage picture of Australians hitting their favourite summer spot: the beach. From the iconic Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach in Sydney to the snow-white sands of the Whitsundays and the remarkably clear-blue waters of Broadbeach, Australians and tourists flock to the beach each summer. This image encourages a sense of nostalgia and will make you crave dipping your toes in the water. It will act as a respite in the winter and have you eager to bring an esky, a striped umbrella, build sandcastles and wrestle waves next summer. Add an element of the past with this retro throwback of the beach.


Photography beach style

Cinque Terre in Italy - View it in more detail here

Photography art can bring to life a scene sometimes better than paintings can. This gorgeous photograph of Italy’s iconic Cinque Terre has captured the glittering seaside. From the fuchsia-pink flowers in the foreground to the colourful houses stacked one on top of the other and the great blue sea stretching out beautifully. Tourists often travel to Italy to bask in the summer sun. There’s no better way to inspire you to beauty.


Poster beach style

Queenslander Beach Girl - View it in more detail here

Decorate your home with stunning poster art of the beach. This retro poster from the front page of the Queenslander shows a hip beach girl lounging on the sand. This is picturesque Australia and, if one heads to their local beach, it seems nothing has changed. Australians are frequenting the beach by the hundreds in the summer. At most times during the year, surfers still hit the water to catch those waves, but there’s nothing quite lounging on the beach in the summertime.

Fine Art

Fine art beach style

Great Wave off Kanagawa By Hokusai - View it in more detail here

Beaches have been depicted in fine art since painters took the brush to the easel. Hokusai’s Great Wave Off Kanagawa is perhaps the most famous artwork depicting the beach. It’s one of thirty-six woodcuts Hokusai created of the views of Mount Fuji. The image is iconic and is on everything outside of wall art, perhaps due to its unique and unforgettable composition. The wave is sublime in that it is both beautiful to look at while simultaneously aware of its destructive power. The three boats caught in its path require luck to come out alive. The painting is no doubt an inspiration to anyone that sees it.