Discover the Latest Wall Art Trends: Abstract Masterpieces and Wall Prints

Discover the Latest Wall Art Trends: Abstract Masterpieces and Wall Prints

Modern wall art has become one of the hottest interior design trends of recent times with abstract art standing out as the most popular choice by far. Aside from adding a timeless appeal, abstract wall art works exceptionally well in virtually every room.

Knowing how to incorporate abstract wall art into your home decor is one thing, but the success of your interior design will largely depend on the design that you choose. Here at

The Canvas Factory, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of designs and wall prints from children's art to prints of masterpieces. Here are six of the best abstract masterpieces that are sure to brighten up your home.

1. Autumn Pastels II

modern wall art

When looking to add a burst of colour with an intriguing and thought-provoking masterpiece, Autumn Pastels II is the perfect choice. The abstract wall art combines calming splashes with more aggressive strokes to create a truly mesmerising final image. The pastel palette covers a wide range of shades from pinks and oranges to browns and blues. Each time you glance up at the modern wall art, something new will grab your attention.

The standout piece can adorn walls in any living room, dining room, or kitchen. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a similar design but with a darker colour palette, Autumn Pastels I is a great alternative.

2. Shores Of Time 

shores of time

The Shores of Time abstract wall art is the perfect piece of modern wall art to remind you of sunny days and transport your mind back to vacations spent on the beach. The depiction of a coastline and people walking on the beach is made abstract by the big brushes of yellow and blue strokes. As a moderately abstract art design, it is a great choice for anyone wishing to gradually introduce abstract designs into their home.

Like all of our modern wall art prints, the design can be ordered in an array of sizes to reflect the room and available wall space. The masterpiece is an ideal addition for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways alike.

3. Topsy Turvy Village

topsy turvy village

Children's art is a great way to personalise their bedroom and the moderately abstract design of Topsy Turvy Village is perfect for any preschooler, kindergartner, primary or secondary school child. The bold colours depict buildings, trees, and other village features in a cartoony fashion.

The design is displayed on an acrylic glass circle, which fits perfectly with the soft and fun-filled vibes that every kid’s bedroom deserves. The versatile children’s art masterpiece will be suitable as their tastes change too.

4. Water Nymph

water nymphs

Many examples of abstract wall art incorporate touches of other artistic styles. The Water Nymph is a particularly popular choice for fans of fine art or erotic art as the abstract image of a woman sitting can add intrigue to any bedroom, living room, or home office. The watercolours and streaks create a sense of elegance while splatters of orange and blue complete a truly iconic design.

The abstract wall art is a great choice when you wish to add some abstract designs to accompany existing fine art or watercolour designs. While dipping its toes into erotic art, it isn’t unsuitable for homes with children either.

5. In The Flow I

In The Flow I is a bold masterpiece featuring a plethora of colours that depict multi-coloured water flowing down. Bubbles, streaks, and other movements are all seen within the piece meaning that each inch evokes unique emotions. It is an ideal piece for meditation spaces and bedrooms. As with most modern abstract wall art offered at The Canvas Factory, it is also available as an acrylic glass print with or without a white edge.

Alternatively, similar designs called In The Flow II and In The Flow III can be selected. Or you could combine all three designs on one wall to give the room a whole new sense of energy.

6. Rainbow Curtain

When searching for modern wall art to bring a burst of colour to a plain wall, Rainbow Curtain is a great choice for living rooms, dining rooms, studies, and hallways alike. The clever masterpiece will help you see different things depending on your mood and what angle you look at it from. Whether it’s a skyline and trees or a crash of different colour splashes, the wall art is sure to add interest.

As the name suggests, it features as many colours as the rainbow. Whether looking to contrast existing features or match the surrounding colour palette, it will work in any contemporary or modern interior design.