Choosing the right colour scheme is arguably the most challenging part of decorating and designing the rooms in your home – especially if your colour inspiration is something you haven’t established yet. It’s not something you can do away with either. Colours bind the room together, and if you don’t choose the right mix that fits with your personality, even the most comfortably designed room will feel intolerable and off-putting to you. In this post, we share tips for when you’re on the road to find your colour inspiration.

Colour and Visual Appeal

The simplest way to find your colour inspiration is usually the one that people most forget. It’s choosing the colour that most appeals to you, either visually or emotionally. Since we’re concerned with decorating your rooms, the colour you choose should be the one that inspires creativity and energy in you. This inspirational colour differs from each person but, as a rule, warm and lighter colours are a near-universal choice. Shades of yellow, red, and orange are “energetic” colours and this often translates to creativity and innovation to most people. It’s also a good idea to think of your colour inspiration as an extension of your personality. Shades of red have long been attributed to people with a fiery temper, whereas blue tones resonate better with the stoic and the serene.

Take Inspiration from Nature

If you’re still struggling to find that inspirational colour for your home, take a walk on the wild side and get your inspiration from nature. We recommend you take the time to visit natural places where you can just sit back, unwind, and relax. Just by taking everything in – from the green and earthy tones to the great expanse of the sky is enough to light that spark of inspiration in your mind.

Look at a Piece of Art

Another easy way to determine your colour inspiration is by looking at art pieces and getting a feel of what tones and shades stand out for you. After all, we tend to appreciate art that has a colour scheme that appeals to us. Your choice of art can be anything from an abstract piece to a classic impressionist painting. Whichever you pick as your guideline, take note of the tones and shades that stick out and made an impression to you.

Consider the Room’s Decorative Elements

Since your focus will be on establishing the colour personality of your room, you must consider the existing decorative elements such as furniture or art pieces hanging on the wall. You usually want to reincorporate these elements into your revamped and newly designed room, but there’s always a risk that they’ll stick out like a sore thumb – especially if your chosen colour scheme has high contrast. Let’s say you chose yellow as your definitive colour inspiration and you want to incorporate it in your home. However, your existing decorative elements are similar in colour or are equal in luminosity. Choosing a very light shade, such as lemon or plain yellow can be too overpowering especially if you’re planning to use it to fill your entire wall. Dial the tones and shades down and choose a shade of yellow that’s more muted or subdued, such as butterscotch, Tuscan sun, or flaxen. You will still get the desired effect from your colour inspiration while allowing the rest of the background elements to seamlessly blend with it.

Colour and Room Function

Additionally, you’ll want to pick the right colour for the room while considering its primary function. A home office demands that you stay away and energized to finish your work, so pick colours that have an energizing effect on your such as warm reds and sunny yellows. For more relaxed living spaces where you can unwind, the general tone must be subdued and mellow. Brown earth tones and lighter neutral shades of grey work best, as well as colours with a more diluted sheen.

Keep the Room Size in Mind

Finally, you should consider the size of the room you’re decorating as some colours. Lighter shades are often used for smaller rooms because they make the floor space seem larger and more accommodating. This contrasts with deeper shades and tones which, when applied as the main colour scheme for a room, can make it feel smaller and cozier. Keep these tips and strategies in mind and you’ll have an easier time finding the colour inspiration for your home.

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