Holiday Collection Wall Art

Holiday collection wall art

Decorating for the festive seasons always puts us in higher spirits. Whether you start decorating as early as November or deep into December, there’s no wrong time to start. There are many activities to be enjoyed this time of year, like hanging up mistletoe, baking gingerbread men, and, of course, the piece de la resistance, decorating the Christmas tree.

For the time of year that many look forward to, we’ve put together a special list of wall art to match your festive décor. This list will inspire you to decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom and more in the Christmas fashion.


Creative a Festive Gallery Wall

Christmas living room


Enhance the thrill of the festive season with a decorative gallery wall. While your home may be filled with lovely garlands, stockings hanging from the fireplace, and the delicious scent of Christmas-themed desserts, a Christmas gallery wall will tie together the decorative elements of the house.


Benedictine poster art


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Mix and match the wall art to achieve the festive theme with vintage and retro pieces. You may choose a bold red, glittering gold, festive green, to decorate the wall from illustrations or posters.


Gold leaf wall art


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Whether you choose a focal point wall in the dining area or in the living room, your home will look even more festive with a gallery wall.


Stocking Treats

Love wall art


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Traditionally, bright red stockings usually hang over the fireplace. Sometimes they can be found running up the banister of the staircase.


Baby deer wall art


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If you look forward to stocking stuffing in the holiday seasons then this next idea is for you. Add a Christmas-themed wall art to your stockings, like this canvas art of the classic and timeless LOVE design. 


Under the Tree

Deer wall art


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The best part of the festive season is undoubtedly opening gifts from under the Christmas tree. Wall art can make for the perfect gift, year-round. Whether it’s for a child’s bedroom, something decorative for the living room, or something that you bring out only for the festive season, you can find wall art for any occasion.


Festive Dining Experience

Gold deer wall art


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Achieve the ultimate festive experience by decorating your dining room to match the joy and spirit of the festive season. Imagine: a dinner setting complete with candles, flowers, polished cutlery, and tinsel accompanied with postcard-sized prints. Framed or unframed, these prints on the table will make the surface burst with colour.


Alphonse Mucha illustration


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These small prints will add a delightful look to your holiday décor. Add a Canvas Art Factory print that has a festive feel, like this illustration by the great artist Alphonse Mucha. Prints with a Christmas palette, which includes the colour red, always look seamlessly decorative.