How to Coordinate Wall Art

How to Coordinate Wall Art

A good window into our personalities is the art we choose to decorate our homes. So, selecting artworks for our homes can be a personal process. Oftentimes our tastes vary, and we often end up picking out styles of art that clash. With a few tricks, you can successfully coordinate your new artworks, and hang them from the same wall with perfect coordination.

To help create a beautiful wall of art in your home, here’s a guide to how to coordinate wall art to suit your bespoke taste. What you’ll need at hand are a series of canvas art, posters, and prints to create the perfect finish for your lounge room. Let’s take a look at how to approach this styling method.

Go Monochrome

The one-colour rule runs the risk of looking dull, dreary, and flat, but trust us when we say this could be the look for matching wall art. To incorporate the monochrome look, we’re required to coordinate wall art using one primary colour. This doesn’t mean you need a wall filled with black and white canvas art. The monochrome look is more open than that. Your matching wall art should each contain the same shade or hue so they can work well together. Another way to pick out a monochrome colour is by first identifying the wall colour your canvas art will hang from. If it’s a luscious blue, consider beach scenes, flowers containing the same shade, etc. The guide to how to coordinate wall art might be tricky at first but the more you play with it the clearer it’ll become, and your eyes will start being attracted to the shades you’re seeking. 

Historical Moments

World Map wall art

Step back in time with artworks that ring back to a moment in history. In the famous French Salons (and museums similar) artworks were hung across every inch of the wall, reaching from floor to ceiling. This is the original gallery look that many people are now adopting in their homes. Across these walls, artworks by famous artists such as Eugene Delacroix, Theodore Gericault, JMW Turner, John Constable, Claude Monet and more would be seen hanging among one another (although not all at the same time). This is where they would debut their new artworks. These artworks would be hung in immaculately crafted frames. Arrange your wall art with this historical moment in mind, featuring a variety of artists that speak to the same time and place. With this in mind, hang the Impressionists together like Edouard Manet, or the Cubists such as Pablo Picasso, or even the daring Abstract artists like Jackson Pollock.


Black Cockatoos wall art

Thematically align your wall art for a balanced feeling. Our guide to how to coordinate wall art, whether it’s with animal prints, beautiful landscapes, vibrant still life, will encourage you to pick and theme and run with it. One way of coordinating through themes is by taking a vintage map and pairing it with illustrations of insects, flowers, exotic animals. These would evoke the explorers and mapmakers of the past, those who sailed away to faraway lands and illustrated all the strange, new and wonderful sights they beheld. Another thematical idea is the rainforest theme. Almost like the monochrome theme if we’re sticking to the colour green, the rainforest theme sees images of the tropical rainforest paired with brightly coloured birds and other images that evoke the rainforest. Don’t be afraid to match wall art with media, and choose from a range of paintings, photographs, illustrations, and posters.

Mood Board

Mood board

When designing your gallery wall, perhaps you’ll want to create a mood, a vibe, like your own decorative mood board. Pair florals with black with Parisian rooftops, white beachscapes with a photographic cocktail, and tie it all together with silhouettes of the human body for a cool and chic mood. Evoke the Australian outback with photographs of sand dunes and pair these with illustrations of native plants, photographs of the gorgeous landscape, hang some air-dried native florals from twine and be inspired to travel across Australia.


Gallery wall art

There's no need to be rigid with your decor and we encourage you to play with contrasts. Don't let the thought alarm you. Contrasts mix and match as beautifully as any two different frames. For an idea of how contrasts pair well and speak to one another, look at the artworks by the Surrealists. They often contrasted the logic with illogical, resulting in some truly bizarre and unique images.