How to Incorporate Abstract Art into Your Home Decor

How to Incorporate Abstract Art into Your Home Decor

Abstract art has been used in interior design for many generations but has enjoyed increased popularity over the past few years. Whether it’s bedroom wall art or wall art prints for the lounge, it’s not hard to see the appeal of using this type of imagery within your home decor strategy.

Here at The Canvas Factory, we pride ourselves on providing the best canvas prints Australia has to offer. Before adding abstract art to your home decor plans, however, it’s vital that you know how to successfully unlock the full potential of your rooms. Here are some of the most effective tactics.

1. Start with moderately abstract pieces

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Abstract art is defined as “art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead uses shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect”. While most people naturally jump to visions of bold expressions of abstract designs, many will find that moderately abstract art is the best place to start.

For example, Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night is a moderately abstract landscape design. With our high-quality canvas prints Australia, the artwork can take pride in any living room, dining room, or conservatory. It achieves the goal of grabbing your attention without stepping into the realms of extreme abstract work. Furthermore, the fact it is a Van Gogh will also create a talking point and inject a level of elegance into the home.

2. Go bold with block colours

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Abstract art often revolves around the concept of minimalist designs and bringing bold energy into the home. Block colours are the perfect way to embrace this, not least when combined with geometric shapes. It is an intriguing combination that creates vibrance and depth while simultaneously making spaces feel highly organised.

Wall art depicting block colours from various geometric shapes can be used to develop either a contemporary or classic vibe. It also guides further interior design choices. Rugs, for example, can tap into the abstract designs of block colours while even furniture pieces ranging from sofas to tables can feature block colours to supplement the abstract art choices you’ve selected. It is an ideal way to build a relaxed yet energetic lounge or office.

3. Use abstract art to create calm

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Abstract art doesn’t have to boast an ‘in your face’ energy. In many cases, the presence of abstract art actually produces a calming energy, which makes it an ideal choice for home decor when you live a hectic lifestyle. When you know how to style abstract art, home offices and living rooms acquire a sense of tranquillity. It’s a great way to build a home theme too.

For example, wall art prints featuring water-based designs will guide the bathroom decor choices. The calming aesthetics are also highly appreciated in bedroom spaces. Designs like this abstract sky print set a peaceful mood that can help you drift off at night. Lighting features, ornaments, candles, and decorative accessories like dream catchers can all be used to great effect. Abstract lampshades are another popular choice.

4.  Add abstract art to a child’s bedroom

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Abstract art can scream elegance and style, but it’s equally effective at evoking a sense of fun and playfulness. Therefore, when incorporated strategically, it is the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom. For starters, imaginative shapes and motifs encourage their creativity and imagination. Bedroom wall art like this Mobius design can add personality to a plain wall too.

The commitment to choosing abstract art when making home decor choices for the kid’s bedroom can extend to colourful rugs, bed frames, or desks and chairs. A conscious contrast of colours, such as blues against yellows, can work exceptionally well. Bedding and curtain designs featuring abstract imagery of animals is another choice. And when your child comes home with abstract art they’ve made at school, the designs will match the vibe.

5. Integrate abstract art into existing surroundings

So far, many of the ideas have focused on using abstract art and wall art to guide interior design makeovers. Given that the average living room renovation costs between $10,000 and $45,000, though, integrating abstract art into the existing features of the room may be a better choice. Not least if the cost of living situation has left you with a limited budget.

Abstract art that features a similar colour scheme to the surrounding home decor features, ranging from furniture to curtains, is a great option. Annette Schmucker’s Harvesting the Land cam takes pride in a lounge or dining room that features brown, oranges, and golds. Alternatively, an abstract design featuring warm oranges, reds, and yellows can be the perfect addition to an otherwise bland space. Complete the look with abstract sofa cushions.

From bedroom wall art to designs for the living room, abstract art can give your home a modern and complete look. To learn more about the best canvas prints in Australia, get in touch with our friendly experts today!