How to Make Abstract Art Work in Your Home

How to Make Abstract Art Work in Your Home
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Abstract art is one of the most challenging decorative pieces to set up in your home. As a movement, it’s a hit or miss for some homeowners but is equally enticing as it’s seen as adding some sophistication to a home. A better understanding of what is abstract art and what it brings to your home is important so that it’s a decorative element in your home and not an eyesore.

In this post, we discuss how to make to make abstract work in your home without making it look out of place.

What is Abstract Art?

For you to properly use abstract canvas prints art as a decorative element in your home, it’s important that you know what makes a piece of art abstract in the first place. Abstract art is any piece that portrays the subject in a vague and almost metaphorical image.

Consider cave paintings, which are widely considered the first true abstract art. Due to the limited materials and nascent notions of art and form, ancient man portrayed the animals as silhouettes and in a symbolic light instead of grounded in realism.

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A good example is the Gwion Gwion paintings found in the north-west Kimberly region of Western Australia. Even to an untrained eye, the figures clearly represent people but are depicted in an abstract manner with symbolic features. The same principle applies to more modern abstract pieces.

Making Abstract Art “Work”

Despite what most people say, abstract wall art isn’t restricted to just ultra-modern houses. You are free to set them up in any style house and in any room so long as you know how to make it work. This is a tricky endeavour as there’s a thin line between art that stands out and one that looks completely out of place.

Many people try too hard to incorporate the art into the room, and even go to great lengths to modify the existing space so that it accommodates the abstract piece. Avoid doing this; instead, embrace the contrast.

Your room décor shouldn’t necessarily be as abstract as your new piece. A little bit of contrast goes a long way in creating a meaningful and clever blend of colours.

The Defining Trait

To pick the best abstract art for your home and make it work, you need to decide what you want the piece to “bring” to the room once it’s hanging on the wall. As a decorative element, the abstract art is there to fill a void and should be the missing piece to your design puzzle.

A minimalist bedroom

Consider this very minimalist bedroom. Since there’s plenty of empty space on the walls and the monotone colour palette, it feels very dull and barren. By hanging a piece of art, you will breathe life to this otherwise empty space and establish a better focal point to the room.

Keep in mind that while it’s tempting to hang up artwork that has a contrasting colour to the furniture and other design elements, it’s not always the best solution. Often, the sharp contrast will make the piece look too out of place.

You can “ease” the contrast by picking canvas art with a similar colour palette to the room. For the room pictured above, abstract pieces with muted colours work best. It’s perfectly fine to have one that has a dash of warm and bright colours so long as it’s just a tiny part of the art.

What’s the Benefit of Hanging Abstract Art?

We’ve already touched on the decorative elements abstract art has on the room. What few people don’t know that the experience looking at and appreciating these pieces is good for us.

Abstract art challenges us to look beyond our preconceived notions of realism and dares us to redefine what constitutes as art. As a result, you’re also more inclined to see the world in a different way.

More importantly, it lights the spark of imagination in your brain as it’s forced to think of a more creative and imaginative response to what you’re experiencing.

Choosing the right piece of abstract art for your home can be tricky. At Canvas Art Factory, we have a keen eye for art and what looks best for every home.

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