5 Step Guide - How to Hang Canvas on Wall

Women hanging canvas art on wall

Canvas wall art will transform your room into a decorative and exciting focal point and helps establish the desired atmosphere. You’ve already picked that perfect print art for your room, but now you're wondering how to hang canvas on a wall.

The three-dimensional aspect of the canvas means that it’s trickier to place properly than a frame with its defined borders. That’s why proper planning and the right tools are necessary so that your new canvas art will tell its story effectively. Do it right, and your new art piece will breathe new life to your room.

In this post, we share how to hang your new canvas wall art properly!

Required Tools For Hanging

Before anything else, you’ll need to get a hold of the following tools. These aren’t exactly necessary, but it will help you hang your canvas quicker.

  • A pencil and a screwdriver
  • Wall protection pads
  • A hammer and tape measure
  • A spirit level

You may already have these at home. Otherwise, you can find them at your local hardware store.

Tools required for haning canvas wall art

Step 1 - Choose Your Hanging Hardware

It’s now time to decide how you’ll hang your new wall art. Some wall art prints come with hanging hardware, such as string or D-rings and picture wire, already attached; if yours doesn’t, you’ll have to install a way to hang it. 

There are several methods which are effective for certain sizes of canvas:

  • Nails and sawtooth brackets - Best choice for small to medium sized canvases, offering greater stability and minimal damage to the wall.

  • Eye hooks - Commonly used at more professional venues, they are very easy to use and are strong enough to hold a medium sized canvas. They also don’t take that much wall space.

  • J-hooks - Can be used of you do not wish to attached hardware to the canvas. Offer greater stability for large and wider canvasses, and affix directly to the wall. They also come in a range of sizes and colours as well, and some are even manufactured in such a way that they enhance the look of your canvas art.

  • Adhesive and Velcro strips - Often removeable. They are easy to use but have a weight capacity of around 2 to 8 kilos, which means they are better for lighter canvases only.

Step 2 - Take Canvas Measurements

First, check the measurements of your canvas art and pay close attention where the centre points are as it will help you allocate the right space on your wall.

Similarly, you also want to take the measurements of the space where you’ll set up the art to avoid unintentionally making the piece overlap with other decorative elements. It’s also a good idea to establish the desired distance from the ceiling.

Generally, the midpoint for canvas art is 25cm above a piece of furniture and 125cm to 150cm from the floor.

Step 3 - Mark the Wall & Hammer the Spot

Next, clean the wall space and make sure to even out any bumps that could affect the balance of your new decorative element.

Once that’s done, mark an X where the centre point should be and carefully nail the hook right where you marked on the wall. Remember your canvas will sit slightly above your mark.

Use your hammer and carefully hammer the nail at your marked spot. Try to nail at a slight angle so that it’s the wall that takes most of the weight of the canvas.

Step 4 - Attach Hanging Hardware to Canvas

If your canvas doesn’t already have hanging hardware attached, it’s time to attach your chosen hardware to the back of the canvas. Where you place them depends on the size of your canvas.

For smaller canvases, you can place the hardware right at the centre or near it.

The same rule applies for taller pieces while you want to space them further for wider canvases.

Step 5 - Hang Your Canvas on Your Wall

Finally, hang your canvas and take a step back. Get a good look at it and see if it’s sitting even on the wall.

If you feel that you need to make an adjustment, use your spirit level to help with balancing the canvas.

Once you’re done, feel free to decorate around the new piece. If you prefer that it stands alone, just keep the measurements in mind – at least 25cm from the nearest piece of furniture.

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