How to Use Pop Art for Decorating Your Home

How to Use Pop Art for Decorating Your Home

Pop art is one of the most distinctive and eye-catching art styles out there, and it can be a great choice if you want to perk up your living space.

But working with pop art can be intimidating and challenging. With pop art, it can either go really well or really badly – there’s no in-between.

But don’t let that scare you off. If you know what to consider and avoid, you’ll find it easier to work with pop art.

Here are some of our top tips to make it work for your living space:

Show your personality

If there’s one art style that lets you showcase your personality shamelessly, it’s pop art. Use this to your advantage by choosing pieces that tell people immediately who you are and what you like. Whether it’s a piece with your favourite celebrity or a painting that features your favourite hobby, don’t be afraid to use pop art as a statement of who you are.

Consider its colours

Pop art is known for its bold and bright colours, so there’s no hiding them in your room. This is why you need to carefully consider its colours and how well they go with the other colours in your living space. You don’t need to make all the colours match in your room (pop art is designed to stand out), but try to make sure that whatever piece you choose doesn’t clash too much with the other art in your living space.

Keep it playful

Pop art is meant to be fun and playful, so try to maintain this spirit by using it in different and interesting ways. Feel free to experiment with its location and position, especially if its design allows you to play around with its placement. Don’t be afraid to use it differently than how most people would expect – pop art gives you that freedom!


Pop art works best and stand out better when it’s paired with more traditional art piece or room features. It’s all about contrast and how different to other things around it – new vs. old, modern vs. traditional, plain vs. elaborate. But be careful and don’t overdo it, either. Aim for balance when playing around with contrast in your room.

Less is more

When using pop art to decorate your home, remember that less is often more. Most pop art pieces stand out because they’re so different from traditional art pieces and decorations. But if you fill your room with pop art, they won’t stand out as easily and become less noticeable. So be mindful of the canvas prints you choose and how many of them are together in one space. This will help give each piece the attention it deserves.


Looking for great pop art?

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