Minimalist Black and White Abstract Art

 Minimalist black and white abstract art

Style your home in minimal and elegant abstract art pieces. Minimalist black and white abstract art isn’t going out of style anytime soon and is only getting more and more popular. Minimalism is more than an interior aesthetic. It’s a lifestyle, an art form, and even a philosophy. While most people are familiar with the idea of minimalism, many may find it tricky to design their homes in this style.

Black and white wall art will have you achieving a modern minimalist style in your home or office. We’ve pulled together ten minimalist black and white art pieces and photographs from our collection.

Abstract Light

Black and White Light

For something mesmerising, opt for canvas art featuring dappled light. This minimalist black and white wall art will pair beautifully in any living room, office space, or study. This abstract piece really stands out thanks to the contrast of light and shadow, which goes on to beautifully enhance the black and white. You will find yourself musing over it. This piece easily decorates the home. If hanging in the living room, simply incorporate warm textiles to keep the room from looking too bleak and cold.

B&W Smoke

Black and White Smoke

Are you in search of wall art that is both minimal and abstract, fluid and mesmerising? The Smoke and Mirrors canvas wall art is perfect for you. The surreal, calming movements of slow forming smoke will cast tranquillity in any room it hands in. The smoke creates an abstract effect of bodies, loose figures. This is perfect for anyone looking for minimalist art to add the finishing touches to their home.

B&W Architecture

Black and White Structured

The beauty of architecture is that one can take a photograph of it, and it looks like an abstract piece of art. Take Paris’s Eiffel Tower, an iconic landmark that stands like a triangle in any photograph of the city. But, up close, the structure looks complicated, geometrical, abstract. Clean lines create a bold statement, and, in this piece, we see this very thing. This piece is an example of Abstract architecture, which hone in on the structure at a micro-level in order to show the essential characteristics.

B&W by Joan Gil Raga

Black and White

This photograph by Joan Gil Raga is still an example of black and white minimalist art, but with a twist. Raga captures a rugged landscape, filled with tree root patterns stretching across the earth. The photograph is split into black and white. It’s a truly unique art piece, both sophisticated and minimal, that will enhance the beauty of any home it hangs in.

Twenty Shades

Twenty Shades

There’s something artistically appealing about paint marks on a canvas. Many Abstract artists, like Cy Twombly, have made careers from creating art like this, and have gone to receive acclaim. So what is it about paint markings that appeal to us? And how can we decorate our walls without making the room look dull? First, it’s the form of the paint stroke and the movement it creates. A wall print like Twenty Shades offers a minimalist abstract style. Opt for a framed finish for this piece, like the black floating frame, for a more beautiful presentation of this abstract piece.

Fire, Black and White

Fire Black and White

Squiggles, scribbles, paint smears – Fire, Black and White is this and more. It’s a concise abstract piece that will really pop from the wall. You might see this piece and think it’s going to be a puzzle to decorate the home, but fear not. This wall art design is for anyone looking for a minimal and risk-free design.  

London Grunge

London Grunde

If you’re looking to add a small, intricate touch of travel to your minimalist look, consider London Grunge. This art piece looks at London with the idea of the abstract in mind. The canvas boasts the iconic double-decker bus in a cool dark shade at the bottom of the wall art. This long, rectangular piece is a trendy shape for modern interiors.

Copper Rose

Copper Rose

If you’re after surreal, geometric, rose-like shapes, look to this art piece. The Copper Rose is filled with minimal lines that go on and on, curving into shapes and inspiring harmony. The abstract design also has a striking contrast of black and white that will look brilliant in a dining room, living room, or meeting space. 

Geometric Design

Geodesic Design

Geometric shapes have long been a favourite in art since the Abstract artists began incorporating them in their art. The artist Piet Mondrian is known for his striking geometric designs which are abstract and minimal. In Geodesic Design, the design is minimal both in geometric shapes and colour. The use of black and white on the patterned triangles are chic and minimal.

Strokes of Expression

Strokes of Expression

Minimalism and abstract align perfectly with this piece. Strokes of Expression looks to the form of brushstrokes as design. This is a type of black and white wall art that is classic and effortless in design. There’s enough in the contrasts of grey, black and white to keep the piece from looking dull.