Our Favourite Animal Wall Art

Animal Art Collection

Our love and curiosity for animals can run so deep it harms their natural habitat and can put them in danger. That’s why here at The Canvas Art Factory, we’re offering an alternative to enjoying the sights of these beautiful creatures with premium wall art. Whether you want to create an animal safari gallery or hang up a beautiful piece or two, the choice is yours.

If you’re unable to keep these animals in your home, say a photogenic lion or a handsome tiger, then the next best option would be to hang up photographs of them! From dramatically endangered felines and turtles to beloved domesticated horses and beloved Australian icons, here is a list of animal canvas art to enjoy in the living room, dining room, or any other part of the home.

In the Sky


Black cockatoo

Cockatoos are some of the noisiest birds around, even beating the kookaburra’s laugh in terms of loudness! There are 21 species of cockatoos and they each vary in appearance but are collectively known for their bright and colourful feathers. The best-recognised cockatoo is the sulphur-crested type.

While cockatoos can be seen widely throughout Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea, the black cockatoo is a rare sight. The black cockatoo is one of the most popular pieces within The Canvas Art Factory collection. These black cockatoos, also known as the south-eastern red-tailed cockatoo, are being made all the rarer thanks to bushfires ravaging their habitats.

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Kookaburras are known for their raucous laughter. The sound is distinct as it reminds one of a human’s echoing laughter, however, it is used to signal their territory to other birds. Just like humans, kookaburras live in families! They have a unique appearance too, with their off-white heads and dark brown stripes running down the centre, helping them to blend in with their environment.

Kookaburras belong to the Kingfisher family and are the largest in the species! The kookaburra is one of Australia’s native birds. By being a native bird, kookaburras are protected under Australian law. Kookaburras are widely used in film and television series across Australia and even featured as a mascot at the 2000 Sydney Olympic games!

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Colourful owl

The birds of the night, owls are known as the sleeping knights. Actually, they’re known as being quite a few different things, such as wise and knowledgeable. They have a keen ability to see at night, giving them the moniker of the sleeping knight.

Owls vary in species and can be found all over the world, typically in woodland areas. They vary in size, colour and shape, with the largest being the barn owl and one of the smallest being the spotted owl. In culture, owls have long been associated with magic and witchcraft. This is because they symbolise wisdom and intelligence, which is required to brew up a cauldron of potion! 

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Prowling Cats


Tiger green background

With striking black stripes over an orange coat, tigers are some of the easily recognisable cats around. These frightening creatures are the largest of the cat species. Like owls, tigers are nocturnal animals, meeting they’re awake and alert in the middle of the night! These animals, found deep in the jungle, love to feast on deer and antelope, birds and even the occasional small elephant.

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Lion above table

Lions are known as the kings of the jungle thanks to their ferocious roar and the frightening heard they roam with across the plains of Africa. In the lion world, it is the female lion who goes hunting for dinner while the male lion protects the greater heard. While the male lion is known for having a lush and wild mane, the female lion doesn’t share this trait. These manes range from blond to reddish-brown and black. These cats are immensely powerful thanks to their strong forelegs, teeth, and jaws, they can easily pull down their prey.

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On the Savannah


Elephant living room

There’s no animal like the elephant anywhere on planet earth thanks to their long grey trunks. An elephants’ trunk is almost a superpower. The trunk is all muscle and has the strength to lift out tree trunks and suck up 14 litres of water.

Elephants are the largest land animal, and, besides the trunk, they’re known for having enormously large ears. They’re desired for their tusks, although they’re best left alone. Elephants are clever creatures that can communicate through vibrations and can purr like a cat.

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Black and white giraffe

If the elephant has the longest nose (the trunk) in the world, then the giraffe has the longest neck. Better to see so far! These spotted, long-necked animals are the tallest on earth. Their neck is so long that they’re unable to reach the ground, so if they ever drop a leaf, it’s the last they’d see about that.

Giraffes are revered for their exquisite eyesight, and they’re considered very intelligent animals. An oft-forgotten fact about giraffes is that they have horns at the top of their head.

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Under the Sea

Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles in room

Sea turtles are distinct for their large shell and non-retractile head and limbs. They can have over 1,000 hatchlings (also known as baby sea turtles), but of these 1,000 only one may survive until adulthood. Despite being able to live for over 100 years, sea turtles are considered endangered animals. They travel through the ocean and often get caught in nets or accidentally get captured. Ocean pollution also affects their breeding. Despite spending long amounts of time in the ocean, sea turtles need air to breathe. 

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Red octpus

Octopuses are unique creatures that live deep under the sea. These are known for their distinctive eight tentacles, but they also have three hearts. Octopuses are thought to look like bags thanks to their bulbous heads, large eyes and eight arms.

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Photogenic Friends


Peacock bedroom

The most vibrant and majestic animal in the group is the peacock. The best known is the blue peacock, known for its distinctive feathery tail and blue feathered body. The tail feathers are more than 60 per cent of the peacock’s body. That’s one long trail of feathers they’re dragging behind them. But these feathers are significant for the peacock as they are used in mating rituals and courtship displays.

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Black and white horse

Horses are beloved for their ability to gallop at high speeds and admired for their natural beauty. Horses have pristine coats and long necks. Their tails almost reach the ground. They are intuitive creatures that symbolise courage and freedom. Horses have also proven to have great memories, so the next time you approach one they just might remember you.

Horses don’t only belong in farms but on canvas too! These animals have long been depicted in art, from the work of Theodore Gericault to that of Edgar Degas. The earliest depiction of a horse was found in France’s Lascaux Cave and was created about 17,000 years ago.

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Stag in bedroom

Deer are majestic and beautiful animals, usually associated with woodland environments. There are over 60 species of deer found around the world. While almost every species of deer has antlers, the male deer, known as bucks or stags, are distinct for their oversized antlers. Every year, these antlers fall off and grow all over again.

Deer have reddish-brown coats with cream-coloured spots. Deer are sprightly and prey to many large feline animals, such as bobcats, mountain lions, and coyotes. Because of this, they’re able to run up to 50 kilometres an hour to escape their predator!

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Black and white kangaroo

The kangaroo is Australia’s best-known animal and the largest marsupial in the world. It sits on the coat of arms alongside the emu and is easily identified as an Australian icon around the globe. Even though kangaroos have powerful hind legs, their tail is so strong they can use them as a fifth leg.

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Highland Cow

Highland cow black and white

The Scottish highland cow is easily one of the more photogenic animals to ever exist. Found in the rugged highlands of Scotland, this animal came to evolve long lush hair to help it stay warm and safe in Scotland’s extreme environment. Despite coming from harsh environments, the highland cow is considered a gentle giant. You don’t have to go all the way to Scotland to enjoy these animals. Hang high quality highland cow prints, or any other animal, in your living space with us today!

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