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Spring is a time of rejuvenation and new beginnings – when flowers start blooming again and the snow and ice make way for the verdant grass. Just like Mother Nature, you may be considering doing your spring renewal in your home.

Whether you’re decorating as part of spring cleaning or completely redoing the interior décor of your home or apartment, there’s a strategy to decorating that involves minimizing, lighting, and letting the right amount of nature in.

In this post, The Canvas Art Factory shares decorating tips and ideas for a fresh spring home.

Minimize the Clutter

Before you add lush greens and enticing summer flowers, you need to set space for spring to settle in by minimizing the existing clutter in your home. Spring is just retaking its place in nature from winter, so there’s plenty of room to grow into.

Your spring-inspired home should emulate this by clearing the floor and keeping the walls tidy. Living rooms and hallways must be easy to traverse while bedrooms should be free of wall décor that looks too heavy or cluttered.

Add Flowers and Floral-Inspired Art

Fresh cut spring flowers are the quintessential décor for a spring-inspired home, but don’t go too overboard on it! Many homeowners make this mistake and simply add flowers strewn about the living and bedroom areas. Instead of capturing that spring feeling, it just clutters up space. Spring is just about to retake its place in nature from winter, so the strategy here is less is more.

Your choice of flowers should be unique décor in your room instead of ubiquitous, so place them in focal points such as on top of the living room’s coffee table or the dining table’s centrepiece.

To complete your room’s floral infusion, choose wall art that will fill your wall space and bring the room together. Adding floral-inspired wall décor also helps establish a true spring atmosphere in your space so be mindful of your choice and peruse your choices carefully.

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Keep in mind that you’re not restricted to photo prints of flowers. Paintings of flowers like the one above are just as effective. We recommend watercolour artwork since the more subdued and subtler colours ties in with the minimalist approach you need to take when you’re decorating your home for spring.

Fill Your Room with Natural Lighting

Spring may be in full bloom outside but winter would have never really left your home if the atmosphere remains gloomy because it’s lacking in lighting. Adding more natural lighting has a positive effect on your other décor, such as your choice of flowers and floral-inspired art and makes your living spaces less dreary and stuffy.

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Depending on your house style or the size of your apartment, getting the sun to fill your home with its light may be easy or challenging. A neat trick to help natural light travel throughout your room by introducing a white colour scheme to your space, such as painting the walls white or getting light-coloured furniture and small decorations. An acrylic glass print works much like a mirror in this regard, and with proper positioning, is usually enough to help the light coming from the window to fill in the room.

Blues Details

Blue isn’t exactly a colour you’d choose when you think of spring as it’s heavily associated with coldness and the colour of winter in other parts of the globe. This is a welcome colour here though where you’ll find enchanting blue details in otherwise verdant landscapes – whether it’s a babbling brook, the gentle seaside or the endemic dampieras that blossom at the height of the Australian spring.

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If your current décor feels a bit too warm for spring, balance the atmosphere by adding some choice blue details to your room such as a blue floor rug or wall art. Because it’s a cool and subtle colour, it doesn’t take up that much visual space so these details won’t clutter up your room.

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