Whether you live in the sprawling suburbs, a gated community or in an apartment, how you decorate your interior space speaks volumes about your home and personality. There are plenty of design styles to choose from – from trendy contemporary to the simple aesthetics of the Scandinavian house interior, but there’s only one that best fits your space.

In this post, The Canvas Art Factory shares the most popular interior design styles in Australia and how to properly utilise it to rework or improve your home.

Modern Interiors – The Basics

A modern interior, with pop art wall decor.
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The best way to describe modern interior design is ‘clean and crisp’. Homes with this style have simple but vibrant colour palettes and tidy furnishings, and there’s a focus on keeping things clutter-free. Because of this, it’s usually the recommended interior style for apartments and smaller spaces.

Keep in mind that ‘modern’ doesn’t necessarily mean what’s new or currently trending. It’s quite the opposite; modern interiors interpret a certain design and style that began in the 20th century, such as Art Deco and Bauhaus, while contemporary has a broader range and usually includes the current trending styles. Think of modern design less of what’s new and more like the ‘new’ vintage.

Below are the key differences between the two:

  • Modern Interiors utilise wood and earthy elements; contemporary spaces prefer glass and metals
  • Modern interiors boast a more vibrant colour scheme while contemporary interiors often adhere to a stricter colour palette – usually muted colours such as black, white and grey
  • Modern interiors adhere to one style whereas contemporary spaces can employ different aesthetics

They do have some similarities:

  • Both modern and contemporary interiors have a neat minimalist feel and clutter-free aesthetics
  • Both interior styles adhere to sleek and crisp lines and have an open space feel
  • Hanging wall art or photo on canvas featuring trend-specific art movements

When Should I Use the Modern Interior Style?

As previously mentioned, the modern interior is a great fit for apartments and smaller spaces due to its minimalist aesthetics and focus on clutter-free design. Because this style has an open space feel, it’s also great for living rooms and gathering areas.

What Wall Art Do You Recommend?

Since Modernism is inherently minimalist, wall art and photo prints are used sparingly. We recommend you pick one large piece or a collage that will serve as the only decorative element on the walls. When placed properly, your choice of wall décor will become the focal point of the room.

The Modernist aesthetic often features interior trends hailing from 20th-century art movements. The Art Deco, Nouveau and Bauhaus movements come to mind, as well as post-impression trends such as Surrealism, Futurism and Pop Art.

Contemporary Interiors – The Basics

A contemporary interior, with abstract wall art decor.
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Contemporary interiors, while adhering to the design rules laid out by Modernism, isn’t restricted to the art and interior movements of the early 20th century. The contemporary style is trendy and always fresh and modernises past trends to create something new. Because of this, there can be many interpretations of the contemporary interior. They do have some constant characteristics:

  • Colour palettes that are muted or monotone that are paired with saturated tones to create a high contrast
  • A lax approach to minimalism; while contemporary styles still adhere to clutter-free aesthetics, it’s less stringent on flashy and eye-catching décor

When Should I Use the Contemporary Interior Style?

The beauty of contemporary aesthetics is that you can use it anywhere. The style fits right at home in both smaller spaces and more opulent rooms. Keep in mind that while this interior style is more focused on trends than a specific movement, you should stick to one or two complementary trends so that the resulting aesthetics don’t look like a hodgepodge of ‘what’s in’.

What Wall Art Do You Recommend?

Like modernism, contemporary interiors often employ decorative elements hailing from the 20th century to the present. The difference is the colour scheme of the art is usually muted or has high contrast. Experimental and abstract wall art and   canvas prints are also great choices and are usually set up as the focal points of the room.

Hamptons Style Interior – The Basics

A Hamptons-style interior, with coastal photographic wall decor.
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The Hamptons is arguably the most popular interior style here in Australia, and in some cases, is even more popular than French Provincial. There’s something about this design trend from Long Island, New York that resonates well us. We think it’s because the Hamptons style boasts an elegant coastal atmosphere that’s perfect for our setting.

Apart from the seaside and beachy atmosphere, the Hamptons interior incorporates the following:

  • White interiors, including white walls, light coloured furnishing, and sandy tones
  • Blue and white stripes on accessories such as rugs, carpets and curtains
  • Comfy furniture with relaxed fabrics

When Should I Use the Hamptons Interior Style?

You don’t need to live in a house near to coast or have an apartment overlooking the beach to use this interior style. It’s actually a trend for homeowners to incorporate the Hamptons style in their otherwise ‘land-locked’ homes to add a coastal feel and atmosphere.

What Wall Art Do You Recommend?

The Hamptons Style is the easiest to find wall décor since the interior trend has an inherent beach and nautical feel to it. While you can set up paintings of beaches and seaside settings, we recommend photos on canvas instead. The Hamptons style is very realistic when it comes to its seaside elements, such as using distressed timber furniture for that authentic beach feel. As such, the wall décor must be true to life as well.

Look for panoramic canvas prints of beaches, seaside cliffs and sandy pathways to fill in the negative spaces in your wall. We have an impressive selection of coastal photo prints that are perfect for your Hamptons style interior!

These three are just some of the most popular interior design trends in Australia. By carefully setting up your space and utilising the right decorative elements, transforming your home with a different interior style is easy!

The Canvas Art Factory offers a wide selection of photo prints from local and award-winning photographers in Australia. We’re sure you’ll find the decorative piece that’s the perfect finishing touch for your home! Visit our showroom or call us today at +61 7 3383 2880 to learn more.