Whether you’re decorating your home for the first time or if it’s your tenth furnishing venture, the first room on your list should always be the living room. Not only do living rooms boast one of the larger floor spaces in your house, but it’s also a communal area where you entertain guests and relatives. It’s also where you and your family spend most of your time together – second only to the dining room or kitchen. With how important the living room is to your home, it’s understandably one of the more challenging spaces to decorate. Your living room must not only be attractive and welcoming but a comfortable place to stay in. In this post, The Canvas Art Factory shares the basics of decorating a living room.

Establish the Focal Point

Before you even set up your new furniture or start decorating the walls with new art, you need to identify the potential focal points of your living room and establish which one you want to elevate above all else. In room geometry, the focal point is a location or space within the room where the eyes are immediately drawn to – the first most noticeable thing in the space. Focal points can either be natural or artificial. Natural focal points include central points such as the fireplace or a very large window offering views of the outside to the room. Artificial focal points, on the other hand, are more diverse and can be furniture, a structure within the room, or even a piece of artwork. Take note that even if the room has an existing focal point, such as a window, you can draw the attention away to a new focal area through the creative use of décor. Eye-catching canvas prints or acrylic glass prints is the easiest type of decoration to turn into a new focal point, but you can also use furniture as well.


Unlike other rooms, the importance of lighting in a living room isn’t always immediate – especially if the room has a large window that provides natural lighting during the day. Your living room can thrive with just ambient lighting from a couple of standing lamps or even recessed lighting is neatly hidden in the recesses of the walls or ceiling. If you’re using different types of lighting (such as a mixture of ambient, accent, and task lighting), they should be at different levels to avoid crowding.

Furniture Arrangement

The biggest challenge when it comes to arranging living room furniture is where to begin and how to get it right. It’s a common mistake to simply place a sofa or a chaise lounge right against the wall or prop up a coffee table in the very middle of the room. When arranging furniture, use your established focal point as a guide. If your designated focal area is on a corner of the room, for example, the furniture should neatly expand from the focal area into the rest of the living room. Another important consideration is foot traffic. You certainly don’t want to arrange furniture that makes the room difficult to traverse. Simple rules include avoiding placing large and obstructive furniture near the transitionary areas of the living room.

The Importance of Wall Art

While less is often certainly more, empty walls in your living room exude an atmosphere of incompleteness that you don’t want to permeate. The presence of wall art that works in conjunction with the rest of the living room’s décor is not only eye-catching and attractive to look at, it also ensures a cohesive look for the rest of the room. Hanging wall art in your living room also helps you avoid filling the walls with décor that can crowd the room. Storage shelves and hangers may be valuable for other spaces, but they are not good additions to living rooms.

Colour Palette

Finally, there’s the colour palette of your living room. It’s ideally the last thing you should consider since while painting is a difficult chore, it’s easier to find colours that match the room’s existing décor than the other way around. Use your primary focal points as well as the decorative pieces you’ve chosen for your room as a sort of colour guide so you can find the perfect colour palette for your room. Still can’t find the perfect canvas wall art or acrylic glass print for your living room? At The Canvas Art Factory, we have a wide range of wall art available ranging from eye-catching abstract pieces to photo prints that capture the beauty of nature. Call us today at 07 3186 8588 or visit our showroom to see what we have to offer!