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Designing and decorating your home is the easiest thing to plan but the most difficult to execute. Once you’re past the drawing board and have all the elements, you’ll often find yourself at a loss how to put all the pieces together.

In this post, we share design tips to keep in mind on how to build up your room for success.

Build a Room with Personality

When you’re decorating your room, it’s important that you build it up with your personality in mind – especially if you’re decorating your personal room. Fill it with the things you love or best describe you as a person whether it’s your favourite books, collectibles, or even the artwork you want to showcase.

Keep your room distinct and definitely you and you’ll build the foundation of a more comfortable living space.

Find the Centre

Finding the centre of your room is key to establishing both its personality and unifying the design. You will essentially decorate your room from the centre outwards, which is easy to do for smaller rooms. For larger ones, try standing at the doorway and look into the “horizon” of your room. Even if the door is a bit towards the left or right, you’ll get an idea where the nexus should be.

Avoid Clutter

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing and decorating a room is that they tend to go overboard with the décor – whether it’s too many decorative set pieces on the wall or additions that take up too much of the floor space.

There’s a thin line between decorative and a full-blown mess, so do your best to avoid clutter.

Embellish Your Walls

Hanging a piece of canvas art on the wall of your room is an effective way to flesh the space out and breathe some life to it. Unlike framed prints, canvas art has a three-dimensional aspect to it; it pops out from the wall instead of lying flat on it.

Are you still struggling to find good wall art for your room? Try impressionism! This art style is predominantly characterized by subtle movements and lighting that command your attention. A touch of realism is always nice – even if your room has more fantastic elements to it.

Watercolour is also a good medium for wall art. While many consider it as subdued and almost faint, it’s also easy to incorporate in a room that has an established décor. 

While you can use canvas art sparingly as decorative additions to the room, it can easily become the focal area as well. Choose one that best fits the established personality of the room and it’ll instantly become its conversation piece.

Dabble in the Different

When you’re decorating your room, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and dabble in the different. Contrasting décor, even if it’s just a singular piece, is a great way to break the monotony of an otherwise one-note room.

Try adding some high contrast for a less monotone colour scheme. White tones offer a sharp contrast to more saturated tones, but they balance each other well and can really liven up a room. The same applies to earthy colours and lighter shades.

Add Some Greenery

Incorporate some greenery into your home as you’re decorating each room. Whether it’s something a simple as a potted plant or wall art of a rolling green hill, it makes the room feel more natural and establishes a relaxing atmosphere, too.

It’s also a good idea to allocate some empty space into your room as you’re filling it with everything that describes you. Doing this keeps things from getting too cluttered and gives yourself some room to breathe. This works in conjunction with your green additions; even if you place your potted plant on an empty spot of the room, it doesn’t feel cramped because it falls in naturally.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have an easier time decorating your room.

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