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Giving your room a makeover doesn’t just involve giving the walls a new coat of paint. Reworking the placement of the room’s decorative elements is just as important and is often instrumental in radically changing the look and feel of your space.

Each layer of décor plays a key role in defining the atmosphere of your room, and of all the decorative elements, the wall art is the most underestimated and underused. A simple canvas wall print can transform your interior space and most people are unaware of how it can affect the look and atmosphere of the whole room.

In this post, The Canvas Art Factory shares how proper use of wall art can transform and enhance your interiors.

Wall Art as the Room Focal Point

The most effective way to utilise wall art is by setting it up as the focal point of your space. This may seem challenging, but it’s essentially making sure your new canvas print or painting becomes the centre of attention in your room.

There are many ideal locations in every kind of space, but the most effective is the wall that you immediately see upon entering the room. This can either be the wall right across the door or even an existing focal area such as the area above the fireplace or the wall facing the bed.

You may also use your new wall art to transform an otherwise unassuming part of the room into the new focal point. Keep in mind that the print or painting can’t do this on its own as it’s just one part among the many layers of décor. To solidify its position as the new focal point, compliment its placement by properly arranging furniture, accessories and lighting.

Wall Art and Room Themes

Your new wall art will become the most noticeable and striking decoration in your room, and it’s effective at establishing an overreaching theme to your room. You can rework your room around a certain themed artwork by carefully picking the right furniture and other decorative elements to match and complement your new central piece.

To do this, you must use the aesthetics or style of your wall art as a guide. If you have a contemporary canvas print for example, decorate your room with contemporary and modern furniture and décor. For classic prints or reproductions of fine art, incorporating era-appropriate furnishings will enhance your new focal point.

Wall Art and Contrast

Hanging wall art that has a sharp contrast with the rest of the room is an effective way to draw attention to it and turn it into the new focal point. Keep in mind though that there’s a thin line between standing out and looking out of place, and the last thing is to make your wall art look tacky.

To establish proper high contrast on your wall art without making it look out of place, utilise the same colour scheme as the complimentary colours or décor. A contemporary abstract print won’t look too out of place in a 20th-centry modern room if the space surrounding it has a complementary colour palette.

Why Use Wall Art Anyway?

Canvas wall art may not be your first choice when it comes to new room décor, but it’s effective at establishing the mood and atmosphere of your living space. The right artwork not only makes your space feel more like a home, it can generate a feeling through the atmosphere it generates.

The right wall art also gives your space a more artistic feel to it and is generally more interesting to look at than your usual static décor. As a decorative element, it also encourages dialogue between family members and even visitors. This engaging aura will motivate people to share their thoughts and will make the room’s environment feel less alien and more welcoming to other people.

Finally, your choice of wall art ultimately reflects your personality. While the artwork itself reflects the original artist’s thought process and artistic talents, your choice says a lot about you and your own artistic approach. Focal wall art essentially gives your room a personality, which is ultimately an extension of your own.

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