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Every room has its own focal point – whether it’s the central fireplace in the living room or the large windows that sit on top of the bed in your private room. These focal points are set in stone and immutable, but you can introduce another prime focus to your room.

Canvas wall art is the most commonly used decorative element for setting up focal points, but it’s not as easy as just hanging them on the wall. There’s a strategy to drawing the attention from everything else and making your new wall art the real centre of attention.

In this post, we discusses how to turn wall art and canvas prints into the new focal point of your room.

Attractive Art

It’s important that you take the time and pick the right wall art for your room. Not only does it have to be aesthetically pleasing, it should look appropriate to the style and interior design of the room. A Baroque canvas painting will look out of place and out of the time period when placed in a contemporary designed room and vice-versa.

Remember: there’s a thin line between standing out and looking out of place! Use the existing space as a sort of guideline to help you pick the style and aesthetics of your new canvas print.

Canvas Size

You have two choices for the size and dimensions of your prospective wall art: either a large canvas print or smaller ones styled in a pseudo collage format that will fill out the wall. Larger canvases are an excellent choice if the composition of the subject within the print is very eye-catching form the start. For smaller prints, the individual compositions will ‘work together’ as a group to draw your attention to them.

Canvas Placement

Once you’ve decided on a canvas wall art, you’ll have to pick a wall to house it. The ideal location should be on a wall that you see immediately as you enter the room. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the one across you; just one that’s easy to see from the threshold of the room.

You also have the option to place the artwork within the confines of the original focal point. The space above the fireplace is often distracting due to how empty it is, and you can address that by using that same space to house your new wall art. Many will say this is cheating, but what you’re doing is utilising the static elements of your room to establish the canvas’ place in the room.

Setting Up the Space

The effectiveness of your wall art isn’t restricted to how eye-catching it is. As your new decorative piece, it should have a harmonious relationship with the other design elements of your room; specifically, the furniture and static pieces.

The simplest way to accentuate your new wall art is to place furniture within the ‘extended space’ of the art. There is no set rule, but this space extends at least a metre from the wall. Within this ‘bubble, things like chairs and tables should act as complimentary pieces to your canvas and will essentially frame it within the wall.

Room Lighting

Although proper use of lighting will enhance your focal point and make it the room’s centre of attention, it shouldn’t be used excessively. What makes your new canvas piece the central piece of the room is how natural it fits within the space. An excessive amount of lighting makes the wall art stand out too much from the room until the focal point turns into an eyesore that intrudes on your field of vision wherever you go.

When it comes to lighting your canvas wall art, you must take a more natural approach. Instead of buying a different set of light fixtures for the canvas, choose the same kind of lighting from the room. If your focal point sits across from the windows, pull up the blinds and curtains and use the natural light to highlight the wall art.

Art and Your Inner Artist

Finally, consider how you feel when you look at your prospective wall art. Whether it’s an abstract piece or a reproduction of an impressionist masterwork, the art you choose shouldn’t just be eye-catching but also evoke a positive emotion from you.

As it will become your room’s new focal point, it will represent your personality and attitude towards your living space. Your choice of wall art and how you set it up within your room should always resonate with your inner artist.

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