Framing Options for Wall Art

Framing your canvas art is an art in of itself. It can be tricky to get right, but once you do, it greatly enhances the beauty of your home. Which, at the end of the day, is what we all want. Here at The Canvas Art Factory, we have a number of canvas art and frames to match. We also know that it can be difficult to select the right wall art frame not only for your canvas print but for your home, so we’ve written up an article to guide you through this process.

Wall art frame on wall

With a list of framing options, style options and tips and tricks, we hope to make the decorating process seamless and creative for you. Our framed wall art come in an assortment of floating frames, from black, white, oak, and natural.

Floating Frames

Since their emergence in the last few years, floating frames have grown in popularity. These wall art framing options seem to have been taken off the walls of some of the best art galleries around the world and brought into your home. So, if you’ve ever wanted to make the artwork in your home look like the artworks in your favourite gallery, floating frames are for you. Floating frames are a beautiful way to make your canvas art stand out. The name comes from the illusion that your artwork is floating. It gives the work a sense of three-dimensional depth upon viewing. The artwork doesn’t actually touch the frame, which gives it this floating effect. Floating frames are the preferable option for anyone who wants a more finished look for their artwork. It’s also preferred by those who don’t want the frame to cut off or obscure their canvas art.

Floating frame closeup

Mix and Match Wall Art Frames

Consider mixing and matching frames on your walls. Frames can be as aesthetically pleasing as the artwork containing them, and no rule says the frame in your home needs to match. Pick out a bunch of different frames for your artworks, you’ll be surprised by the beautiful results. They don’t even have to match colours rather they should harmoniously align. This type of framing works especially well if you’re styling your wall like a gallery wall.

Arranging and Styling

There are many ways to arrange and style wall art in the home, but what is the best option for you? Most likely, we’ve all stepped into a room that used the wrong kind of décor. This probably made you feel odd or slightly uncomfortable for no reason other than that the room was badly designed. Perhaps the room felt too small, cramped, or otherwise too big, vacuous. The wrong type of styling can end badly, while the right type of styling can sail smoothly. Wall art can enhance the size of your space. How we arrange this art is a matter of taste. There is a number of ways to arrange wall art, so let’s take a look at some of these now.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall, also known as a collage wall, is the perfect option for anyone wishing to display much smaller canvas art than a single larger piece. The best way to design your gallery wall before you start hammering nails into the wall is by laying the artwork on the ground. By doing this, you can move and shift artworks until you find your designed look. Once you’ve achieved the desired design, take a photo of the artwork on the ground and proceed to replicate this design on the wall.

Gallery wall

In Pairs or a Triptych

Some popular décor styling tips for wall art is pairing two or three artworks together in place of a single large artwork. Whether it’s vases of flowers by Vincent van Gogh, beach scene photographs, or gorgeous cockatoos, hanging canvas art in twos or threes will look great in any room.

Art pair

Ledges or floating shelves

If you’re looking to display your wall somewhere else besides a wall, consider placing them on shelves or ledges around the house. This could be the top of a fireplace, floating shelves, or the empty spaces of a bookshelf. If the room you wish to display your wall art in is small, say like the laundry room, and there is little wall space, take advantage of the shelves and place a framed picture or two to add a lovely touch of décor to an otherwise dull room.

Shelving frame

Tips and Tricks

No matter what frame you choose for your wall art, you still have to hang in it the right place. That right place is usually the focal point of the room, which means the wall your eyes first fall on when you enter a room.

If your focal wall is occupied, you can always change the focal wall by recreating it elsewhere. For example, by taking advantage of the empty space in a corner, you could recreate the focal point. Admittedly, the corner isn’t the first place you would think to display your art, but you’d be surprised at how a few touches of redecorating can recreate the whole atmosphere of the room. Get the lighting down.

In a previous article, we discussed how vital it was to get the perfect lighting to display your artwork. The right type of lighting for your artwork will enhance its beauty and that of the overall room decor while the wrong type of lighting can make the interior feel awkward and uncomfortable to be in while the right type of lighting will feel inviting.

However you choose to hang your artwork, know that The Canvas Art Factory offers both framed and unframed canvas art, ready to hang upon arrival.