Wall Art Gifts for Different Occasions

Wall Art Gifts for Different Occasions

Some people go all out with gifts, grabbing anything and everything sparkly and flashy. Meanwhile, many others like to keep it simple and subtle. Either way, you’ll definitely want to get the right gift for your loved one on such special occasions. If you’re fresh out of ideas, let us help.

If you’re scrambling for birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas gifts ideas for your wife, husband, mother, children, check out the list of canvas wall art below for some inspiration. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the perfect gift for each occasion. From floral canvas art to snaps of European holidays, there’s a present in here to delight your loving friends and family. What’s more is that these gifts come ready to hang, framed or unframed.

Mother’s Day

We have a wide collection of wall art that would make the perfect gift of love for Mother’s Day. If you want to show mum just how much she means to you and reward all that she’s done for you, buy her beautiful wall art.

Wildflowers by Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh Wildflowers

The gift that comes to mind when looking to buy mum something beautiful is a bouquet of flowers. But, after a few days, those flowers will dry up and die. Step up the bouquet with this still life by Vincent van Gogh of beautiful and gorgeously vibrant wildflowers. Mum doesn’t have to worry about cleaning up a mess with this one. She can simply hang it up and enjoy the sight of nature for years to come.

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Always Remember

Always Remember wall print

For a mum who sacrifices all for her family, this canvas wall art is the perfect gift. These loving words are the perfect reminder of how much you adore her. These words come straight from the heart and express your love and appreciation toward mum.

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Abstract Elegance

Abstract Elegance wall print

For the elegant mum, the one who likes a good spritz of perfume or wears jewellery, nice, expensive clothes, this portrait of abstract elegance will win her heart over.

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Father’s Day

Our gift range of popular Father’s Day gifts will have dad beaming with joy. We have a wide selection of canvas art for dads with various interests, from the artist dad, the outdoorsman, the chef in the kitchen.

For the Outdoorsman Dad

Canadian Lake Reflection wall print

Treat your dad to this wall art of the pristine waters and mammoth mountain of Canada’s natural landscape. If your dad is an avid outdoorsman, there’s no better gift to hang on the walls, reminding him of all his glorious treks and hikes, and encouraging him to go back out there and see these natural sees in person.

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Vintage Guitar for Muso Dads

Vintage Guitar wall print

For muso dads, rock out with a vintage guitar. Hang this beauty in his rumpus room or band room, or even in his office. This beauty comes framed or unframed and ready to hang wherever dad sees fit.

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Camper Van

Camper Van wall print

For the dad who likes to hit the surf before heading to the office, the ‘Camper Van’ print makes for a great gift. He can hang it up above his desk, where it can brighten up his day and have him excited for the next surf.

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Kid’s Birthday

If you’re looking to spoil your kids, their birthday is the perfect time to do so. Here are three beautiful pieces of wall art we picked out for you to consider. They’re bright, colourful, and inspirational, perfect for your growing and ever-evolving child.

Colourful Birds on a Branch

Watercolour Birds wall print

These happy birds resting on a brand will liven any boy's room, playroom, or nursery. These chirping feathery friends are beautiful to look at and will brighten your child’s day.

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Little Prince

Little Prince wall print

Nothing will inspire a child more than sage words from their favourite storybooks. This short story of an adventurous prince has inspired kids and parents alike since its publication in 1943. And for good reason. Inscribed in beaming gold font are the words ‘it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye’.

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A Newborn Baby

Almond Blossoms wall print

Your friend, sibling, cousin has a new addition to the family. Congratulations! Now, what gift of congratulations do you give a new family? Why not take a note out of Vincent van Gogh’s book and give a painting as a gift to the budding new parents? In fact, van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms was gifted to his brother Theo after their first son was born. This gift will look perfect in the baby’s room, hanging above the bassinet.

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In a year that’s already marked by several celebrations, finding the best gift for the holiday can require a lot of time. It’s time to think outside the box. Deck the halls with fun and festive gifts that are unique and customised for your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of these wall art gifts now.

Central Park Dawn in Snow

Central Park Dawn in Snow wall print

For a Christmas themed gift that will keep memories for years to come, ‘Central Park Dawn in Snow’ is a beautiful gift. Christmas is always associated with pure white snow falling on the streets, trinkets and green trees.

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Family of Elephants at Sunset

Family of Elephants at Sunset wall print

If you’re looking to get a gift for a whole family, look to this gorgeous photograph of a family of elephants walking together during a sunset. This wall art will brighten up any home for years to come. It’s a sentimental gift that falls outside the box.

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Celebrating an anniversary and wondering what to get your loving partner? Anniversaries are tricky to buy for. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary or an anniversary celebrating your relationship, there are plenty of wall art gifts you can give to mark the occasion.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss wall print

Gustav Klimt’s painting of two lovers in a tender embrace is the perfect gift for an anniversary. It’s the perfect present for your five-year, ten-year, or even fiftieth anniversary, and will look perfect hanging in the bedroom.

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Romantic Park

Romantic Park wall print

Two lovers embrace in a delightful stroll through the park. ‘Romantic Park’ is the nice touch to a loving home and a perfect surprise for your loved one.

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Santorini wall print

In the past, you may have gone on a holiday to celebrate an anniversary. Or perhaps you spent your honeymoon somewhere exotic or had a wonderful week away somewhere that impacted your relationship. Relive those glorious travels you and your partner made by hanging up a picture of a holiday past. Your travels might have been local, somewhere in Australia, either by the beach or watching the sunset over the city skyline. If your travels were abroad, say to Italy or Greece, you’ll want to hang up a beautiful picture to celebrate your time away.

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