South American Art

South American Artwork Our South America art range features ancient monuments, jungles, beaches, stunning mountains and endless colour! Capturing the essence of the beautiful Latin culture in South America, this...
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South American Artwork

Our South America art range features ancient monuments, jungles, beaches, stunning mountains and endless colour! Capturing the essence of the beautiful Latin culture in South America, this collection of canvas art features diverse and uniquely individual Latin themes full of rich cultural pieces. These pieces bring a flavourful, grand and diverse collection of images together that broadly depict the amazing scenes of South America.

South America as a Tourist Destination

South America is an enticing travel destination for any avid adventurer. The continent is an allure of toxifying sights, sounds, and tastes. This part of the world boasts the best of the best—the best beaches, best dishes, the best hikes and trails, and more.

Popular Destinations

From the north and to the south, there is beauty everywhere. From the snowy mountains of Patagonia to the rich and illustrious beaches of Brazil. We’ve narrowed down the list and picked out some of the most popular sights found in South America.

Patagonia, Argentina

From the bustling movements of its capital city, Buenos Aires, to the pristine lake of El Calafate, Argentina is a country bursting with natural and cultural wonders. Possibly its most well-known region around the world is Patagonia, a region in the south shared by Argentina and Chile. The largest national Argentina boasts is Los Glaciares, located in Patagonia, featuring forty-eight glaciers. Impressive! Patagonia also draws in eager animal lovers for its annual whale watching in Puerto Madryn.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro sits between the ocean and the mountains. UNESCO declared the city as a World Heritage Site and cited it as "the staggeringly beautiful location for one of the world's biggest cities".

It’s understandable to see why. One of the most iconic beaches around the world can be found in Brazil. The city of Rio de Janeiro lures in beach lovers and surfers from all around the world thanks to its gorgeous Copacabana beach. Besides the beach, Christ the Redeemer stands tall over the city, looking far and wide.

Machu Picchu, Peru

To the east of Peru, there are uncharted jungles, to the west there are open seas. Then, in the south, there is Machu Picchu. This incredible historical sight belonging to the Incas is the go-to destination for hoards of travellers. And for good reason. Machu Picchu was built in the fifteenth century and rediscovered in 1911. The ancient site is built atop a mountain, and boot-strapped hikers travel by foot to reach it.  the vast stone sculptures that had once upon a time acted as buildings to house the Inca people are now photographic ruins.

Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia

Images of Lake Titicaca will impress the likes of anyone. It is the largest lake in South America and stretches so big it reaches Bolivia and Peru. Its incredible beauty is thanks to its deep, blue waters. Lake Titicaca is found in the Andes, and in this area, the Milky Way can be seen clearly.

Cartagena, Colombia

On the shores of the Caribbean Sea is the city of Cartagena, a gorgeous fishing village. It is known for its pristine preservation, bright, bold colours of its buildings, and stunning bay which frames the city. Cartagena is a picturesque city thanks to its colonial architecture, brought in by the Spanish commander who established the city, Pedro de Heredia. The Old Town is a maze of cobbled alleys, colourful churches, and balconies covered in bright bougainvillea. There’s an iconic Clock Tower of Puerta del Reloj, the Gold Museum, and kaleidoscopic palenqueras. The beauty of the city is impossible not to fall in love with.

The Cocora Valley, Colombia

Speckled with tall wax palms, pristine green valleys, and brightly coloured hummingbirds, Cocora Valley is a spectacular sight. There are grazing cows, pristine meadows, and rainforests in the valley. Located just outside of the small town of Salento is Colombia’s Cocora Valley. Coffee lovers may be aware of the region as it sits in Colombia’s coffee-growing region.

South American Art

A region of the world that is known for its impeccable nature and culture, South America has birthed a number of artists that could rival the best of Europe.

Joaquin Torres-Garcia

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Joaquin Torres-Garcia was a visual artist part of the Constructivist movement. Torres-Garcia studied in Spain, where he hung around intellectuals and artists like Pablo Picasso; collaborated with the architect Antoni Gaudi. Some of his works are Constructivo (1933), Arte Universal (1943), and Constructive Composition (1943).

Cildo Miereles

The Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles is known for his large-scale installations, but also creates sculptures. His artworks reflect the political oppression in Brazil. Some of his artworks include Babel (2001), Fontes (1992), and Insertions into Ideological Circuits 2: Banknote Project (1970).

Lygia Clark

With artistic training in Rio de Janeiro and Paris, the Brazilian artist Lygia Clark has risen to be one of the most notable artists to come from South America. In the late-1960s and through to the 1970s, Clark created a series of unconventional artworks. Her work, being installations and paintings, asked her viewers to be “participants” and interact with some of her work.