How to Hang Wall Art

how to hang wall art


Once you’ve found the perfect piece of wall art for your home, all that’s left is to hang it.

While this can seem intimidating at first, especially with some larger wall prints, it’s not very hard once you’ve figured out what goes where, and at which height you should install your wall art.

The Essentials

If you’ve got an art piece such as a framed print, or a framed canvas prints , that makes hanging it easier, as the frame will usually come with a piece of string attached to two corners.

The simplest way to hang your wall art is as follows:

  1. Take out a measurement tape, and check the height difference between the centre of the string (which is where you’ll attach it) and the top of your piece. 
  2. Measure out 144-152 centimetres off the ground and mark the spot with a marker. This will make it so your wall art hangs around eye level.
  3. Put a nail into the spot you’ve marked, if you’re hanging a large piece, putting in two nails might be needed.
  4. Hang your frame and check if it’s parallel with the ground using a level. If you don’t own one, there’s a variety of free phone apps that can do the trick.

And you’re done! Note that this will only work for certain kinds of wall art and that it leaves a hole in your wall.

If you aren’t hanging over a bare wall, you’ll want to consider some additional factors. For example, if your piece is to be hung above furniture, try to have at least 20cm(7.5-8in) between the top of your furniture and the bottom of the piece. This is to avoid people accidentally hitting their heads on the wall art.


Other Options

In case leaving a hole in your wall doesn’t appeal to you, or you’ve got a piece of wall art you wouldn’t like (or aren’t able) to hang off of a nail, there’s a variety of other ways you can hang your wall art.

  • Command strip: take away all of the hanging hardware off of your frame, clean the section of the wall you want to hang the piece by, and then attach command strips to its edges. This gives you an easily removable and unassuming way to hang your wall art.
  • Pegboard: You can take a corkboard or pegboard and have it be the backdrop of your wall art. You can then hang pieces much like off of a nail by using the pegs.
  • Decorative tape: If you’d like your hanging to do a little more than just make sure your wall art stays in place, using decorative tape can be an easy way to add additional flair to your wall art décor.
  • Easel: If you’ve got an art piece such as an unframed painting, then purchasing an easel and resting your art on it can be a good idea. This way, you can also swap pieces in and out if you grow tired of them.