The Art of Choosing the Perfect Canvas: A Guide to Selecting the Right Piece for Your Space

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Canvas: A Guide to Selecting the Right Piece for Your Space

As a homeowner, one of your tasks and likely desires is to turn your house into a home. You can do so by decorating it and bringing some life to it through art. Abstract art and wall art prints are the perfect addition to just about any room in your home. It’s a way to add style and a pop of colour to boring or dated spaces.

You may want to do so but are at a loss about how to go about selecting the right pieces and how to decorate your walls in a way that will make the greatest impact. Look no further, because here we’ll cover the art of choosing the perfect canvas and offer you a guide to selecting the right piece for your space so you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Set A Budget
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Artwork and abstract art aren’t necessarily cheap so you’ll want to establish a decor budget that you can dip into. While a canvas is a wise purchase, these can quickly add up if you’re decorating multiple rooms and choosing only the best pieces. You can select the right piece for your space and home based on what you want to spend and what you can afford. For example, this canvas of wildflowers will be more affordable than this antique style world map.

Measure & Consider the Size

When it comes to the art of choosing the perfect canvas, you should also take into consideration the size of the room, size of the wall, and the size of the painting. Select the right piece for your space by getting out the tape measurer and seeing what size canvas will look the best given the area you’re working with. Once you pick out the right size canvas then make sure you investigate further about how high to hang the painting based on what the experts are saying. There are canvases that come in horizontal shapes versus vertical images as well.

Choose the Right Colours
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Another vital aspect that comes into play is the colour scheme and what you’re trying to achieve in the room. For example, if your living room is very dull and boring currently then this can be your chance to add a statement piece and a pop of colour to the room. There are also canvas art pieces that come in black and white if you prefer this look and feel instead. If you’re decorating an office then you may want to take into account which colours and colour schemes are considered to help you be the most productive and will make you feel more lively.

Take into account the Room or Area
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You also will want to pick your artwork or canvas based on the room or area you’re decorating. For example, the piece you choose to hang up in your bedroom as wall art may be very different from what you will select to hang up in your hallway or entryway. Work with the existing style of the room and consider your furniture pieces and how you have it decorated already and what will work best instead of creating too much clutter or busyness. You want the artwork to compliment the rest of the area instead of sticking out or looking out of place.

Consider Your Preferences & Personal Taste
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Most importantly, you should account for your personal preferences and personal taste when you are in the process of selecting the right piece for your space. You want to decorate your home and walls based on what you truly like and believe will look great once it’s hung up. You can consider trends and best sellers when you’re shopping around but ultimately you will want to ensure that you are in love with the canvas or wall art that you pick in the end. You may be someone who is more into nature and flowers or birds and the beach than abstract paintings, for example. The good news is that we offer a wide selection and variety of canvas prints australia to choose from so you’ll have no shortage of options as you narrow it down.


Choosing the perfect canvas for your home and rooms can be challenging but it is possible to do so successfully with the right approach and mindset. You don’t have to be an interior designer or artist to tackle this task. This guide to selecting the right piece for your space will point you in the direction you need to go to ensure that you are pleased with the final result and love the way your interior looks once you’re done.