Wall Art Inspired by Flight

Wall art inspired by flight

If it weren’t for technology some of the most beautiful views in photography would remain unseen. The view we're talking about is the bird’s eye view, a perspective that is enjoyed in real-time by a handful of people such as pilots and parachuting daredevils. The bird’s eye view perspective conjures up feelings of power. That’s because you’re standing high up above your subject, whether that’s the landscape or a crowd of people, and you’re at such a distance that you feel unattainable. 

Reach scary new heights with our collection of bird’s eye view canvas art. Professional photographers use drones, ride helicopters or aeroplanes to capture shots from the bird’s eye view. This is, however, not the only way to capture these images. Standing high on a ladder and looking down at your subject can also achieve this perspective. 

Getting the technology to allow you such views can be quite expensive. There’s no reason to invest in a drone when we’ve got the aerial view covered with high-quality art to love. 


Up and Above the Ocean

One way to capture the unique ebb and flow of the ocean is by taking a bird’s eye view perspective. Most of us have only seen the ocean up close, watching as the waves come at us head-on. But high above, the ocean symbolises something different. We’re safe from its grasp and certainly dry.

In our collection of beach canvas art and photography, we feature the ocean from many different perspectives, including bird’s eye view.

Waves from above in bedroom


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One sight we may well be able to see by standing on a cliff is a school of fish swiftly swimming through clear blue waters.

Beach view from above


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To show the vastness of the beach, just add a couple of elements, like beachgoers. In this photograph, we see a bird’s eye view of the ocean with people and umbrellas dotting the golden sands and aquatic seas.

Beach perspective up high


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For a rare view of the reef, enjoy this landscape shot, filled with texture. Up close, you may miss out on the patterns and lines that form the sea.

Stormy beach bird's eye


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A haunting view of stormy waves crashing upon the shore. From this perspective, it looks like lighting is forked through the water, giving it those interesting white-ish lines.



A bird’s eye view shot doesn’t necessarily have to be captured from an aeroplane, helicopter, or hot air balloon. It can be taken from high up and afar. Whether standing on a cliffside or high up on a ladder, we can achieve the bird's eye view shot without the expensive use of technology. Perhaps with only some hiking boots and a trip to the hardware store.

Great ocean road bird's eye


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From a great distance, we can enjoy the Twelve Apostles. Located on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, not many can reach this site. Thanks to busloads of tourists, this attraction is usually packed with large crowds eager to see and capture the sight with their own camera. It makes it difficult for the rest of us to enjoy the view. This photograph of the Twelve Apostles at sunset is taken from afar, at a perspective higher than the monuments. With the added element of a setting sun, we can enjoy this view from the living room or dining area.

Vacation views bird's eye


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To give a location perspective, merely add in a few people. This will show just how great the landscape really is. Here is one of our favourite bird’s eye view shots capturing Koh Nang Yuan Island, Thailand. The huts, umbrellas and people speckled across the sand put into perspective just how grand the location is.


Mountainside views bird's eye


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In nature, mountain ranges are an impressive sight. Add a stream of water running down the side and you can also capture the scale of the mountain. The stream of water gives this landscape in Hofn, Iceland a unique look we could not enjoy from the ground up. The water also creates an unsymmetrical pattern while also showing us the terrain and textures of the mountain.


City Sights

Architecture often has interesting shapes and forms (but we can exclude Brutalism here). Oftentimes, we can really appreciate these forms from the ground. There is also the added distraction of objects in the windows and people shuffling all around us, keeping us from looking at the structure as a whole.

High castle bird's eye


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Photographers use the bird’s eye view perspective to capture vast landscapes and cityscapes. This perspective is not limited to these subjects. It’s a handy perspective to show just how great a crowd is. Cities like New York City and Melbourne are designed in a grid. One can’t really appreciate this symmetry without an aerial shot.

Broome camels bird's eye


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Cities from ancient civilisations can be appreciated from high above for their ruins. In fact, these structures can be better admired from a high vantage point, and we can see similar shapes and patterns as modern cities. An ancient city like Machu Picchu has a unique view from high in the mountains.

Bridges bird's eye


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Photographs from the bird’s eye view perspective allows us to really appreciate landmarks such as the beauty of the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building. These perspectives of the city are not limited to pigeons. Just take a look at this impressive view of the Manhattan skyline in New York City.